Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cambio cares with Nick Jonas and Bayer

Cambio Cares with Nick Jonas and Cambio Episode 1

Denise Jonas Interview

Connect with Ryan Sheckler & the Jonas Brothers

Surprise party for Kevin

Interview with Monopoly

Sexy at Every Age

The middle Jonas Brother is the trio's serial monogamist, having romanced starlets Camilla Belle, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene – who currently has the heartthrob "head over heels" in love with her.

Joe Jonas on 90210 Promo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ashley Greene’s $500 Halloween Costume Shopping Spree! Alice in Wonderland and Pirate Get-Ups for Her and Joe!


Ashley Greene had a very important date — to costume-shop at Halloween Express in Baton Rouge — and we know what she bought!

Ashley Greene did the Halloween shopping for herself and boyfriend Joe Jonas, and according to a source at Halloween Express in Baton Rouge, La., where she’s filming Breaking Dawn, she got over $500 worth of costumes.
We’re told she and Joe will have to make a choice — Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes (Alice  and the Mad Hatter) or pirate-wear — as she purchased his-and-her outfits for both.
Even Ashley’s pooch is going to have its own costume choice, because Ash picked up two outfits for the pup.
Ashley arrived in Bogota, Colombia Oct. 27 to support her BF while on his tour in South America! We’re totally jealous, and bet she brought the costumes along!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jonas Brothers Talk About Canceled Gig

The Jonas Brothers talk about the cancellation of their concert in the Mexican city of Monterrey because of security concerns. (Oct. 25)

Nick Jonas Needs His Beauty Sleep

Looks like it's past somebody's bedtime! Here we have Nick Jonas, yawning it up at last night's American League Championship Series game between the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers. As we have documented in the past, Nick Jonas is no stranger to baseball. Especially the seats and hot dog stands at Yankee Stadium. And last night the singer/actor/public thinker was in attendance to see his beloved Yanks get spanked by the Rangers. Which brought about this reaction:

In the top pic, Nick Jonas could very well be yawning to exhibit that cool, calm and collected vibe that permeates Yankees fans--a feeling that ain't over 'til it's over. Or he could still be feeling residual exhaustion from all the globe-trotting touring he's done with his Jonas Brothers this past summer.
But he's probably yawning because baseball games take a long time and go pretty late, and yawning is pretty much what one does after a couple of innings.
The Yankees and Rangers play game five this afternoon. No word on whether Nick Jonas will be in attendance; let's just hope he got a good night's rest beforehand.

Celebrity Pets: Kevin Jonas Introduces Riley

We are back with another installment of celebrity pets.
Today, we want to introduce you to Kevin & Danielle Jonas’ adorable little pup Riley. Riley is a “morkie,” which is a Maltese and Yorkie mixed.
Find out more about Riley from Kevin below:
How many times do you feed Riley a day?
2 times daily
Where does Riley sleep?
In the bed w/ me.
Are you planning on dressing her up for Halloween?
Not this year due to being on tour, but next year we definitely plan on dressing her up! Just not sure as what yet.
Any interesting or funny facts?
Riley is the best travel dog in the world! She’s been on tour many times, and adapts so well. Also her favorite snack is Cheerios!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joe Jonas 90210 stills

Cambio on Tour: JB South America

Saturday, October 16, 2010

RoadDogs SanJose / Long Beach

Jonas Brothers en Puerto Rico

Rumor Of The Week: Jonas Brothers & Walter The Farting Dog

Rumors have been floating around this week that all four of the Jonas Brothers will be starring in the Farrelly Brothers’ Walter the Farting Dog. The movie is based on the children’s book of the same name about a dog with some gas issues that saves his owners house from burglars.
So is there any truth to this rumor??
The answer is…No. We can confirm exclusively that the Jonas Brothers will not be starring in Walter the Farting Dog.
What is the craziest rumor you’ve heard this week?

Jonas Brothers cancel concert in Mexico over security fears

Popular U.S. boy band the Jonas Brothers have cancelled a concert in the Mexican city of Monterrey over security concerns. The concert, scheduled for Oct. 21 as part of a Latin American tour, no longer appears on the group's official website or MySpace page, although dates in Mexico City and Guadalajara are still listed.
Monterrey, Mexico's most prosperous city, has suffered increasing drug-related violence in recent months, with two mayors in the metropolitan region killed since August. A grenade attack on civilians in another Monterrey suburb earlier this month left 14 people injured, including children. The concert cancellation comes at a loss of 22.5 million pesos, or about $1.8 million, El Universal reported (link in Spanish).
The Disney-backed band, known for such hits as "SOS" and "Burnin' Up," apologized to its fans in Monterrey in a statement that circulated on fan sites.
"Due to the recent series of unfortunate events in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, the Jonas Brothers, in consultation with Live Nation, have decided to cancel their upcoming concert date scheduled for October 21st at Estadio Universitario," the statement said. "The Jonas Brothers are grateful for the overwhelming support from their many fans in Monterrey and while they wish to apologize to everyone who planned to attend the concert, this difficult decision was made out of their great affection and concern for their loyal fans in the region."
Comments on one fan site expressed dismay for Jonas Brothers fans in Monterrey, but also concern for the security climate south of the border. "I think they really shouldn't go to Mexico AT ALL," one commenter said at
But a fan in Mexico begged to differ. "Oh c'mon, i'm from Mexico, and to all of you out there, gotta say that its not as bad as it seems!!!"
-- Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jonas baby news!

Are newlyweds Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa about to become parents? An eyewitness spotted the happy couple at a Rite Aid pharmacy in West Hollywood on September 16 — and they were buying a home pregnancy test! A friend has revealed that for Kevin and Danielle, a baby wouldn’t be out of the question, even though they’ve only been married for nine months. “They’re mature for their age, and they want to start a family,” a friend says. “They’d consider it a major blessing if Danielle was pregnant.” Kevin, 22, and Danielle, 23, had a spectacular wedding last December at Oheka Castle on Long Island, N.Y. And, of course, in 2008, the singer famously told Details magazine that he would wait until marriage to have sex

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road Dogs Jupiter,FL


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