Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celebrity Pets: Kevin Jonas Introduces Riley

We are back with another installment of celebrity pets.
Today, we want to introduce you to Kevin & Danielle Jonas’ adorable little pup Riley. Riley is a “morkie,” which is a Maltese and Yorkie mixed.
Find out more about Riley from Kevin below:
How many times do you feed Riley a day?
2 times daily
Where does Riley sleep?
In the bed w/ me.
Are you planning on dressing her up for Halloween?
Not this year due to being on tour, but next year we definitely plan on dressing her up! Just not sure as what yet.
Any interesting or funny facts?
Riley is the best travel dog in the world! She’s been on tour many times, and adapts so well. Also her favorite snack is Cheerios!


Jonasfan said...

Rikel is cuteeee
Kevin too ofcourse:D

jonasfan said...

i mean riley


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