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Stay by Nick Jonas & The Administration Live.

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Jonas Magazine March-April Issue

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Jonas succeeds with solo album

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers has released his first solo album entitled "Who I Am".
After taking the music industry by storm and breaking tween hearts around the world as part of the brotherly trio, Nick has moved on to pursue a solo career with his band Nick Jonas & the Administration.
The band released its album on Feb. 2, and Nick hit the road for his first ever solo tour.
It is unclear if he will reach the fame of other boy band members turned solo artists like Justin Timberlake and Paul McCartney, but he’s putting forth a good effort.
"Who I am" is a collection of songs about girls, love and loss. Much of this album is similar to past Jonas Brothers CDs but more mature.
The album’s overall alternative feel starts out with the first song "Rose Garden" in which Nick’s raspy, high-pitched voice and the sound of the guitar lead the way to the love-filled, heartbroken lyrics.
The song is a great way to start off the album, giving listeners a new sound from a Jonas Brother other than its usual corny, tween-based lyrics.
"Olive and An Arrow" is a slow ballad focused on vocals. Its lyrics deal with infatuation with a girl that is sure to leave your heart aching.
These songs sound similar to the works of John Mayer, which is definitely a compliment for Jonas.
The fourth track on the album "Conspiracy Theory" starts out with a fast rock beat and a Michael Jackson-like squeal.
Though this song is upbeat and fun, it’s too much like the Jonas Brothers’ music that has been released in the past.
"Tonight," a song that Jonas originally recorded with his two brothers, was re-recorded with "the Administration" to be on the new album, and it’s for the best.
Jonas did not completely leave out his young fan base, giving them a few songs on the album to sing along to such as "Conspiracy Theory" and "Stronger".
The teen heartthrob still has a lot of growing up to do musically, but some of the songs on this album will surprise listeners with its grown-up content and catchy, alternative rock feel.
The album is too immature for some, but what do you expect from a 17-year-old?
Most will be surprised by the talent Nick has to offer and even those who weren’t fans of the former Jonas Brothers will be able to appreciate the solo effort.
Grade: B-

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New Seasons Of Jonas Brothers’ “Living The Dream” And “JONAS” Heading To Disney Channel

After Nick Jonas took a short break from his brothers to tour his solo record, the Jonas Brothers are back on the set of their hit Disney Channel comedy, “JONAS.” The show’s second season is now in production and features some new faces.
The second season finds the brothers along with friends Stella and Macy in Los Angeles, where they’ll spend the summer in the Hollywood Hills. Joe earns a role in a big Hollywood movie, Kevin tries his hand at directing, and Nick takes on surfing while writing songs for the Jonas’ latest album, some of which are sure to be played during the show.
The second season also sees some new faces, including “Entourage” featured player Debi Mazar, who’ll play the eccentric film director of the film Joe will star in, while Abby Pivaronas of “Lincoln Heights” will play Joe’s beautiful co-star. Adam Hicks, of Disney XD’s “Zeke and Luther,” will play a neighbor. They even scored their bodyguard, Rob Feggans, a role as their chief of security. (He also rapped on ther hit single, “Burnin’ Up.”)
While the second season of “JONAS” won’t premiere until the summer, the Brothers return to Disney Channel a bit earlier with new installments of “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.” “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream 2″ follows the band across Europe as they tour with their latest album. The short-form series follows the brothers as they prepare to take the stage, perform for thousands of fans, and even write new songs. “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream” premieres Sunday, March 21st at 8:55pm ET/PT.

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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato - Make a Wave (Radio Disney Planet Premiere)

Make a Wave' - Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas.
The duet is a part of Disneys Friends for Change and will be featured in the upcoming film OCEANS.
Music video premieres on the Disney Channel on March 14th & it will hit iTunes on March 15.
All proceeds will benefit environmental charities through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF).

Anna Maria Perez Interview

Anna is an American actress, model, and singer. She is known for her role as Ashley on Hannah Montana and Ella on Camp Rock. She calls in on Zang Radio to talk with Zach & Shelley, listen to this great interview!

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From @JonasBrothers Twitter
The video is real! We have a big announcement coming up that we are really excited about and this is just a sneak peak. Another video is coming on 4.19.10 with full details of our plan. This couldn’t happen without you guys. You are the best fans in the world!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emma Roberts and Adam Hicks Visit 'J.O.N.A.S!'

When "" returns this summer, there will be a guest starring appearance of and . The young stars have spilled through their Twitter posts that they have left the set of the Disney Channel comedy to shoot their part on Wednesday, February 24.

"Just left the set of JONAS! So much fun. Kevin, Nick, and Joe are awesome," gushed Roberts who is the niece of acclaimed actress . Meanwhile, Hicks who is known as the star of "" wrote, "kicking it in malibu with the jonas brothers ...and emma roberts =P".

Episodes where they would be featured in are not yet disclosed but Hicks is slated to be a new neighbor of the brothers when they move to Los Angeles. Roberts' role is still unknown.

The new season of "J.O.N.A.S!" will revolve around different career paths of the Lucas brothers. Joe scores a big acting job in a Hollywood film, Nick concentrates on writing music for the band's new album while Kevin takes a behind-the-scene job of being a film director.

Joe Jonas Appears In New Vampire Weekend Video

'I had a really great time and would definitely do it again,' Jonas Brother said of shoot for 'Giving Up the Gun.'

Joe Jonas makes an appearance in the new Vampire Weekend video for their song "Giving Up the Gun," which also features actor Jake Gyllenhaal and rapper/producer RZA. The Wes Anderson-esque clip was directed by the Malloys, who have worked with the Jonas Brothers in the past, and centers on a female tennis player whose skills are just too good for guys like Gyllenhaal and Jonas to beat.
"I had a really great time and would definitely do it again," Jonas told MTV News. "We played a little tennis and had a lot of fun. We got a chance to hang, and they are great guys." Jonas not only got to hang out with the band, he also kept a memento from the shoot. "Don't tell them, but I stole the headband from the video. Can't wait to see another show of theirs. They are very talented and I love the new record," he added. "They all have a great sense of humor."

When the video was released, Joe shared a similar sentiment with his fans on Twitter. "Go check out the new Vampire Weekend Video for 'Giving Up The Gun.' I'm in it! Had a great time shooting with the guys."
When Jonas isn't making cameos in indie rock videos, he's busy back on the set of his Disney show "JONAS." And he recently made it clear that he'd like to pursue a career in acting. He tweeted about being back to work on the show, writing, "What an amazing 1st week of filming! I absolutely love my job & all of u 4 making this experience possible. I hope season 2 rocks ur socks."


Could the Jonas honeymoon be over?


They say the first year of marriage is the hardest — and newlyweds Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa are just starting to find that out! The couple, who married in December, had a public spat while shopping at Gelson’s Market in West Hollywood on February 14. According to fellow shopper Brianna Evers, Kevin and Danielle, both 22, were arguing over their Valentine’s Day plans. “She was complaining that they were grocery shopping on Valentine’s Day,” Brianna reveals. “It seemed like poor Kevin didn’t know what to do when Danielle was lecturing him. He looked kind of uncomfortable standing there,” she adds.

Jonas Brothers animation series canceled

I'm sorry it took me 1 week to make 1 scene,it will take me forever to make 1 episode.
that's why i canceled the project...
i barley have time for the magazine,
making those Jonas animated videos took all my time
i still didn't make a March issue!!

JonasMagazine Editor

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JONAS CD Release

A soundtrack release for JONAS has been confirmed that will release on July 19, 2010 by Walt Disney Records. It will feature 11 songs from Season 1 (including two songs on two episodes yet-to-air).

“Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2,”

The new installment of the music-driven reality series “Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2,” which gives viewers unprecedented access to worldwide superstars Jonas Brothers’ lives on stage and off, will premiere SUNDAY, MARCH 21 (8:55 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel. The 11-episode short form series offers a revealing look at Platinum selling rock stars Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas as they embark on a 16-city European leg of “Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009.”
“Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2? follows Kevin, Joe and Nick on the road during their headline tour across Europe, with stops in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and England.
In the premiere episode, “Kick Off,” Kevin, Joe and Nick arrive in Italy for the first stop on the European leg of their tour and take the stage for the first time on an intimate 360 degree circular set. The cameras follow the musicians as they prepare for the opening night show and Kevin shows how he, Joe and Nick sneak past thousands of fans to get under the stage at the start of each show.
The second installment of the series delves into Kevin, Joe and Nick’s other passions including favorite charities and how they stay fit and healthy. Joe reveals his biggest unfulfilled goal, while Nick sheds light on the songwriting process and how past relationships have inspired some of their biggest hits.
Grammy nominated artists Jonas Brothers’ fourth album, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and inspired the three-continent “Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009? (produced by Live Nation), which sold nearly 1 million tickets in its first week on sale. During the European leg of the tour, Jonas Brothers played sold out shows in Madrid, Paris and London. Jonas Brothers stand among the top grossing artists of 2009 and won Billboard Magazine’s Choice Tour Award for 2009.
During 2010, Kevin, Joe and Nick will star in the highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie, “Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.”
“Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2? was executive-produced and directed by Seth Jarrett (“Rocked With Gina Gershon,” “Jonas Brothers Living The Dream”) and executive-produced by Tony Colon. It is a production of Jarrett Creative Group.

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John Campbell chats to Nick Jonas - Campbell Live

Watch Video-John Campbell chats to Nick Jonas - Campbell Live - Video - 3 News

The Grammy-nominated pop rock trio the Jonas Brothers are masssive. They've sold over 8 million albums, have a legion of enraptured fans and are the princes of the Disney Channel.
Successful and ambitious, and the youngest, Nick at age 17 has just released a solo album – Who I Am.
John Campbell caught up with him for a chat but because he's not a woman, tween or teen, he invited one of Nick's biggest fans, Megan O'Brien, to join him as a guest interviewer.

Battle of the Bands PSA - Nick Jonas

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Nick Jonas goes golfing on Valentines Day

Sunday, February 14th: Nick Jonas plays a few holes with some friends at the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank.

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71 Jonas Brothers Icons Size 100x100

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The Today show thinks the Jonas Brothers are selling themselves as sex?

Jonas Brothers Update - What we can expect in 2010?

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Vampire Weekend-Giving Up the Gun Music Video Feat.Joe Jonas

Friday, February 19, 2010

Vampire Weekend Video to Star RZA, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon, Jonas Brother


 Tennis-themed "Giving Up the Gun" clip

"Giving Up the Gun" is (arguably) the best song from Vampire Weekend's superb Contra, and the track's music video has the potential to boost it even further. According to an Anthem interview with the clip's co-director, Emmett Malloy, it revolves around a "bizarre-o tennis match" featuring RZA, Jake Gyllenhaal, VW lyrical touchstone Lil Jon, and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. (Kevin Jonas wasn't available, apparently.)

Talking about the video, Malloy-- who directed the White Stripes documentary Under Great White Northern Lights-- said: "We lit shit on fire. We had RZA presiding over the tennis match. Lil Jon came down to give some tennis tips. Jake Gyllenhaal drank himself out of the competition; Joe Jonas tried, but did not succeed. There was a lot of rigorous competition, pyrotechnics, and a little bit of milk to cap it all off." Wow. Just wow.
The "Giving Up the Gun" video is set to premiere all over the internet in the coming weeks. The Vampire Weekend website has a photo from the shoot up now.
UPDATE: The video will premiere tomorrow on Spinner.

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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato on E! News Make A Wave

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato on E! News 2/17/2010.

They talk about "Make A Wave" music video and how they spent their Valentine's Day.

End the R-word with Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas has made his pledge to stop using the word retard(ed). Have you? Answer Joe's challenge and be a fan of respect for all people by making your pledge today at

Nick Jonas: Radio Disney Total Access

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Joe & Demi Make a Wave Video Shoot

Nick Jonas goes on solo campaign

If teenage girls chose the president, Nick Jonas would win by a landslide.
"Thank you," chuckles the 17-year-old heartthrob down the line from Los Angeles. "You know, I've always joked about wanting to run for president ... I don't think I'm actually planning to run for president anytime soon. But maybe in about 2040. We'll see what happens."
While all those screaming fans wait for Jonas's political administration, they can enjoy his musical one. The youngest Jonas Brother has just tossed his hat into the solo-career ring, releasing the album Who I Am with his new side project The Administration, a band featuring several former members of Prince's New Power Generation. True to the band's handle and heritage, the disc is a bipartisan document that melds get-down funk-rock licks and grooves with politically tinged titles like Rose Garden, Conspiracy Theory and State of Emergency.
And true to Jonas's status as one-third of America's biggest teen-pop brother act, he's been hitting the campaign trail hard, playing everywhere from the Grammys nomination TV special to the Santa Monica pier to plug the disc.
Shortly after finishing three nights at L.A.'s Wiltern Theatre and taking part in the re-recording of We Are the World to benefit Haitian earthquake relief, Jonas stopped rocking the vote long enough to discuss his hectic schedule, hanging with Prince's band and sibling rivalry. If the diplomacy of his answers are anything to go by, Barack Obama better watch his back.

You seem crazy-busy these days. And all of this is falling on your shoulders, without your brothers to share the load. Is that harder than you anticipated?
You know what? It's been all right. Each moment has been a learning experience, and I've had a fun time figuring it all out. And the fans have been absolutely incredible and made me feel very competent and comfortable in this new setting. So I have to say thank you to all of them.

You originally set out to be a solo artist before you teamed with your brothers. Does it feel like you're finally getting back on that track, and what's it like to be up there without Joe and Kevin?
It is much different. And at first, it was kind of interesting to get used to. But once I got used to it, it was awesome. And the shows were unbelievable. The fans were so supportive and so passionate, which is always cool to see. They make it all worthwhile.

You say you had to get used to it. Can you elaborate? What did you have to get used to and how did you get used to it?
The main thing was the travelling. It was so different than anything I've been used to in the past. I really needed to take the time to get used to being accustomed to being on my own a lot more and being away from the family and all that. But once I did, it was OK. I really got into a groove about three or four shows into the tour.
All the guys in your band are much older than you. How do they treat you -- as the boss, as a younger brother?
I think we all have an equal level of respect for each other, which is important when you're trying to make music together. Having them be there and be supportive is great. I'm learning so much from them and I'm really just trying to soak it all in because they are all so talented and they really inspire me in so many ways.

Most of them used to play with Prince. Have you heard some cool Prince stories?
They have told some really great stories about Prince -- about how cool the guy is, and how much fun they had playing with him. But what's funny is that they just say it in casual conversation. If I had any type of Prince story, I think I'd be jumping off the walls excited. But they just kind of say it as if it's -- well, I guess it is one of their buddies, but it's kind of hard to believe.

You and your brothers work well together. But do you have a friendly sibling rivalry too? Isn't there a part of you that wants this CD to be great and successful so you can tweak them?
Not really. I wouldn't have done this had they not been supportive and had I not felt like this was about me making a project that was in my heart. In no way was this a poke at them or anything like that. That would be a bit disrespectful after all the years that we've been working hard together. It's just about me making this record and trying to be honest with the songs I was writing.

Given that you're trying to take a more mature direction with this material, are you starting to get tired of the screaming?
For me, it's their way of showing their appreciation for what I do. I'm thankful for them and for the response that they give. And I know that it's from the heart and that's what matters. It can be loud and a bit hard on the ears sometimes, but it's all in good fun. I know they're just being supportive.


Road To Camp Rock 2 (New preview! Episode 3) HQ

Hollywood's Make-ups, Break-ups, and Hook-ups: Niley,Nelena...

Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez Head "Radio Disney Jams 12" Compilation

Anthony Jones - Celebrity News Service Reporter Los Angeles, CA, United States (CNS) - Walt Disney Records is getting ready to release "Radio Disney Jams 12," and they're giving fans of the Disney stars more of what they want. That includes two tracks from Selena Gomez, two Miley Cyrus tracks, and three cuts from Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers.
According to, Gomez contributes her debut album's first single "Falling Down" as well as the "Wizards of Waverly Place" soundtrack cut "Magic," while Cyrus is featured as herself with her huge hit "Party in the U.S.A." and as Hannah Montana with "He Could Be the One." Nick Jonas appears solo on two songs, his single "Who I Am" and "Give Love a Try," an unreleased track from the show "JONAS." Jonas Brothers also appear with "Fly With Me."
Set for release on March 30th, "Radio Disney Jams 12" also features songs from Justin Bieber, who contributes the "My Heart Edition" of his hit "One Time," Demi Lovato with "Here We Go Again," and Owl City's #1 single "Fireflies."
Disney also makes good on their promise to Radio Disney's Next Big Thing winner Jasmine, whose slot on the "Radio Disney Jams 12" compilation was among her prizes. She contributes her new single titled "Boy Crazy."
Nearly all of the artists featured on "Radio Disney Jams 12" can currently be found on Radio Disney's Top 30 countdown.
"Radio Disney Jams 12" Track Listing
1. Justin Bieber - One Time (My Heart Edition) 2. Owl City - Fireflies 3. Miley Cyrus - Party In the U.S.A. 4. Nick Jonas & the Administration - Who I Am 5. Selena Gomez & The Scene - Falling Down 6. Capra - Low Day 7. Mitchel Musso - Shout It 8. Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You 9. Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana - He Could Be the One 10. Allstar Weekend - A Different Side of Me 11. Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again 12. Nick Jonas - Give Love A Try 13. Daughtry - No Surprise 14. Selena Gomez - Magic 15. Jonas Brothers - Fly With Me 16. Jasmine - Boy Crazy

Disney Channel stars Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas & others visit Epcot as part of Friends For Change

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Niall pens song for Jonas Brothers

By Melanie Finn
Saturday February 13 2010
THE Blizzards frontman Niall Breslin (27) is joining forces with US sensations the Jonas Brothers to write material for their new album.
The Herald can reveal how the rocker is making an unlikely alliance with the squeaky clean stars, who are famous for taking vows of chastity and steering clear of the usual vices in the pop industry.
The talented songwriter moved to London at the start of last month in a bid to kickstart a solo writing career -- and seems to have got off to a flying start.
Made up of Joe, Kevin and Nick, the Jonas Brothers have sold more than eight million albums worldwide and have a massive 'tweenie' following in the States.
"Niall's going to be writing a song for the Jonas Brothers for their new album and is delighted to have got the opportunity," said a source.
"They may not be the coolest guys in rock but they're absolutely massive in America, which is where you really want to be making a splash if you're a musician, so it's going to open a lot of doors for Niall."
The former Leinster rugby player sparked surprise among fans of the Midlands band after deciding to go it alone in Britain, where he lives with MTV beauty Laura Whitmore.

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Disney Parks Celebrates Volunteerism!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato - Radio Disney 2/11/10

Nick Jonas On the Record: Favorite Valentine's Day Album

On the Record is a video series where rock stars gush about their favorite records -- in exactly 45 seconds. In this special edition, we asked Nick Jonas to talk about the album he thinks everyone should be listening to this Valentine's Day.

M Exclusive: Nick Jonas

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato perform "This is Me" live at Epcot in Walt Disney World

Joe, Demi, & Papa Jonas Leaving EPCOT

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We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video

OMJ! where is Nick's Part??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jonas Magaizne Facebook

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XXX-rated porn horror for Pixie Lott

It's hard to shock a 3am girl – but Pixie Lott left us open-mouthed  with her stories about boys, tattoos and XXX-rated porn.
Thought that’d catch your attention...

We hooked up with the 19-year-old popster in her swish LA hotel suite where she revealed how her personal email site has been inundated with a string of dodgy pictures of men’s bits.

And to make matters even worse, it’s all down to those pervy McFly boys.

“It was disgusting. Dougie from McFly started it off by asking his fans to send me dirty snaps,” she told us.

“They totally got me. I clicked open these pictures on my Twitter account and it was all a bit weird. Some people were really extreme and I just thought, ‘Ok I’m not going to look any more.’ I’ve seriously got to get McFly back.”

But before Pixie plots her revenge, she has some other business to attend to. Not only has she been nominated for three Brits – Best Single, Best Female and Best Breakthrough – but she’s also trying to crack America.

And we can report that her Stateside adventure has got off to a great start as she’s been spotted out and about with a Jonas Brother.

Joe has agreed to work on new material for Pixie and the pair were spotted going on a hot date to Little Dom’s restaurant to have a cosy chat about making sweet music together.

Pixie, whose new single Gravity is out on March 8, said: “It’s so exciting. I met Joe at the MTV Awards in Germany and now I’m working with him in LA.

“We wrote a song together in the studio, which I love, and we’ve been hanging out.

“We’re not really partying because we aren’t old enough to go to clubs in America – you have to be 21. So we go for dinner instead.

“I imagine there are a lot of girls who are jealous of me at the moment. He’s such a lovely guy.

“But I’ll be spending Valentine’s day with my mum this year.”

And if she wins a Brit in Tuesday’s ceremony, Pixie hopes to mark her victory in an unusual way. “I really want a tattoo. That could be a way of celebrating, I suppose. But Mum won’t let me. She thinks I’m too young.”

It’s about time she said “Mamma Do one…”

Kevin and Danielle's Dinner Date!

Newlyweds Kevin and Danielle Jonas grabbed some dinner last night at The Grove in L.A.!

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas sing "Make a Wave" live in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Times With Moo Phone Conversation with Nick Jonas

Good Times With Moo Phone Conversation with Nick Jonas

Here’s the transcript from my phone conversation with Nick Jonas which I did on Monday.  His solo album is entitled “Who I Am”, grab a copy now from MCA Music Philippines.  

Mo: Hey Nick!
Nick: Hello! How you doin’?
Mo: I’m doing great man, I saw on the you on the video for the remake, “We Are The World” where 75 of the industries biggest artists got together to do that 80’s song charity song again, this time for the Haiti victims. Can you tell me about that experience?
Nick: It was unbelievable, just looking around the room and seeing the caliber of the talent that was there, it was very humbling. I was just honored to be there, the other musicians are so much more talented that I am, I'm just proud to be a part of it.
Mo: Now I know with 75 artists there, it’s pretty difficult to squeeze in a solo part to sing. Where you able to get a part just for you?
Nick: I did actually, I sang Billy Joel’s part.
Mo: Oh, cool! Hey, I also want to say congrats on the new album, the solo venture.  Of course with a new band now, there’s definitely going to be a new sound.  How different do you sound on this compared to the Jonas Brothers material?
Nick: I think the thing that makes this different is that I tapped into some of my musical influences like Stevie wonder, Prince, those are big ones for me. And working with other musicians like the guys who I admire from the band, The Administration, made it great.  It’s incredible to be with them and work on this album to make it the best it could be, to be hopeful that we leave something that we are proud of.
Mo: What’s the fan reception like with this solo venture? Have they warmed up to the fact that you’re onstage alone, or do you feel they are constantly looking for Kevin and Joe?
Nick: Its been good.  The fan reception to this side project was amazing. And now with this record out, it’s great to see them so supportive. And to see their support of my dreams is unbelievable.
Mo: At any point though, in making this album, have you missed your brothers? Just not having them around must be awkward.
Nick: I think for me personally, the only thing that was hard to get used to was the traveling. It was a lot different from what I was used to, being all alone and things like that, but once I got over the first few bus rides, I was alright.

Mo: The name of this album is “Who I Am”, and at a very young age, 17 years old--you’re not a very typical 17 with all the success and traveling around the world--but did you find it difficult to be able to find enough material and experiences in your young life to write a whole album about it?
Nick: I think that I’ve been through a lot these past couple years and I was able to take what I’ve gone through and write and make songs out of it which is definitely a way to express myself.  I think I’ve experienced a fair amount of life to be able to pull from and it worked out so far cause I could write from the heart which means the world to me.
Mo: The name of your band is ‘The Administration’, which kind of has a political ring to it. I heard that you’re quite fond of politics and perhaps even interested in running for public office one day.  Perhaps even for the highest position—the Presidency. Are you serious about that?
Nick: I would love to run for president one day. It started out a joke at first, my nickname growing up was Mr President, but I guess it’s because I’m a more serous person.  It was great to make this record and to involve that in the whole process…using that whole presidential sway.
Mo: Speaking of the presidency, we as a country, the Philippines, will be having a big election in a couple of months.  Voter registration is very high, and a lot of the young people who are eligible to vote have registered. If you were to give us advice on what to look for in a candidate, what would that be? I know you are likely not in touch with our local politics, but how about some character things to look for?
Nick: I think the main thing to look for is someone you can trust, someone you can rely on to lead your country and to be with you during the good and bad times. Once you have that, then its all good.
Mo: I spoke to Kevin a few weeks back, right before he got married. So I’m sure he is enjoying the newlywed thing right now, and I assume you’re swamped with promo of this new album.  Can you keep us up to speed with what Joe Jonas is doing these days?
Nick: Joe is keeping busy in Los Angeles with meetings, for an acting career he wants to pursue and he is looking forward to do some recording as well. We have a lot of individual dreams and dreams to do together, and being able to work on those and knowing we are all supportive of each other is a beautiful thing.
Mo: What’s the future of the Jonas Brothers? I know this solo album of yours was to be a side project. How long is that side project going to last and how long is the break for the Jonas Brothers? What’s in store for the future?
Nick: We are working on the details right now for the future of the Jonas Brothers.  The next step for us is basically to go back to production of the TV show for the Disney channel, after we do that, which will take about four and a half months of our time, then we would probably do another world tour.
Mo: We’d love to see you here, every time a rumor that the Jonas Brothers are coming to the Philippines, your fans here start buzzing. So if you can make time during that world tour to squeeze the Philippines in, the fans here would really appreciate it.
Nick: We definitely would try our best!
Mo: Alright buddy, thanks for making some time for this interview.  Congrats on the new album.
Nick: Thank you very much and God Bless!

Mo: Oh Nick! One last question before I go, really important. Are you for or against private armies?
**I'm kidding guys. I didn't ask that.

Disney music not only for adolescents

The most fun I’ve ever had was when I went to a Jonas Brothers concert with my younger sister.
We anticipated the event for months. We read every interview in every teen magazine, watched every talk show appearance and crossed out the days on a “Countdown to JoBros” calendar proudly displayed on the fridge.
When the concert finally came, we had a blast hanging around Phillips Arena, buying T-shirts and trying to get a glimpse of our favorite stars before they went on stage.  

Yes, I am one of “those” girls — the ones who haven’t quite outgrown their pre-teen *NSYNC and Backstreet Boy fan days.
I actually have a Jonas Brothers poster in my room, my ring tone changes with every song Justin Bieber releases and I genuinely enjoyed Miley Cyrus years before playing “Party in the USA” at bars was funny and ironic.
It seems as if I am alone in my fandom. Attempts to express or even defend my musical taste have been met with incredulous stares and threats to destroy my iPod.
I guess those reactions are understandable, as I fully realize this behavior is not quite normal for a senior in college, but I can’t help what I like. At some points I don’t understand why my 16-year-old sister and I seem to be the only ones who give this music a chance.
It may be mass-produced and over-marketed, but I’ve read and seen enough interviews with the Jonas Brothers to know that they truly do write their own songs and play their own instruments and really have a passion for the music they record.
Also, few Hollywood actors can pull off a tuxedo the way the Jonas Brothers can. Did you see them at The Grammys?
And Justin Bieber is a perfect example of the modern rags-to-riches story. A normal kid from a small town in Canada posts a few Youtube videos of himself singing and  becomes an overnight sensation, hanging with such hip-hop heavy hitters as P. Diddy, Wyclef Jean and Usher.
Despite what I think is a good reason to give the teenybopper set a second chance, I still get laughs and taunts when I try to convert others into fanatics like myself.
So I’ve given up. I know a futile task when I see one, but what’s wrong with not acting your age every once in a while? Yes, of course college comes with responsibilities that one must take seriously.
For most it’s the first time living away from home or being financially independent, not to mention dealing with the temptations of downtown and the complications of adult relationships.  
For seniors waiting for the dreaded G-word — graduation — at the end of the semester, this time of year is spent frantically searching for jobs and preparing for that so-called real world that surely awaits us after we leave UGA’s cushy nest.  
But why does it all have to be serious? We should keep in mind that we are still young.
As corny as it sounds, in the world of Miley and Jonas there are no job interviews or overdue bills to pay or term papers to write.
It’s a way of realizing that life is not just a jumble of responsibilities and chores, but that there is time to enjoy the simple things that give you pleasure, no matter how age-inappropriate.
Maybe I’ll forever be the only Jonas fan on campus, but there are plenty of other ways to hold on to the last fleeting bit of youth.
If a Friday night seems better spent having a Mario Kart tournament and watching The Lion King than going downtown with the rest of your friends, I say go for it.
Embrace your 13-year-old self.It might be the best Friday night you’ve had since middle school.
—Bailey Keiger is a senior from Atlanta majoring in magazines

Rags to Riches: The Fangirl Phenomena defines “fangirls” as “young fanatical females… (who) suffer an absurd affinity for a randomly chosen object of obsession and base their life/daily schedule around it.” But we think of them as the girls who line up for hours and even days before meet and greets, book or CD signings, ticket sales openings, or some such event where their dearly beloveds are involved. Armed with homemade signs, T-Shirts and brain-splitting screams, fangirls can turn critically un-acclaimed albums double platinum and make shakily written fiction into a worldwide phenomenon. I can’t help but feel that if these girls gathered at the edge of the Red Sea, it would part.
What distinguishes a fangirl from the average fan are unrivaled displays of devotion and a willingness to spend countless hours and dollars paying homage to those they love. Fangirls are typically ages 12 -18, or as The New York Times put it, “old enough to be culturally aware but not old enough to second-guess themselves.” (“Cue the Shrieking Girls for the Band of Their Moment”, by Jon Caramanica, 10 August 2008) Mostly from suburban middle-class homes, they have the time and the disposable income to devote to their chosen stars. It may start as a crush or admiration, but what these girls end up being are the best publicists any celebrity could hope for. They will spread accolades all over the media free of charge. And to top it all off, they (or rather, their parents) will fund an artist’s big fat paycheck just by purchasing everything they put out on the market.
We don’t typically credit fangirls with being an astonishing breed of Super Fan – they’re not quite in the same category as people who dress up like hobbits or attend Star Trek conventions. Usually, we just roll our eyes at them, get annoyed when they occupy a row in the movie theater in front of us and “oh-em-gee” at trailers, and yes, we get upset when musical artists we like endorse things they like (cough) New Moon soundtrack (cough, cough). But take a quick look at fangirl history and you will realize that fangirls’ devotion has “made” some of the most significant players in pop culture history.
Consider the very first modern pop superstar: Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was the one millions of hearts beat for. Today, Michael BublĂ©’s crooning voice is a pop rarity, but in the ‘40s, the big band style wasn’t a genre that you had to look very hard for. Because popular music had until then been targeted primarily at adults, Sinatra and his teen fans offered up a previously untapped market. This is arguably what earned Sinatra his contract as a solo artist with Capital Records. Today, we remember him for Fly Me to the Moon, or My Way, but it was the intangible quality fangirls eat up like chocolate, that made Frank Sinatra become Frank Sinatra. Just take it from The New Yorker:
“Most of his fans are plain, lonely girls from lower-middle class homes. They are dazzled by the life Sinatra leads and wish they could share in it. They insist that they love him, but they do not use the verb in its ordinary sense. As they apply it to him, it is synonymous with ‘worship’ or ‘idealize.’” —E.J. Kahn Jr. (“Here’s to Sinatra and the Ladies who Lust”, 1946)
Even the Beatles quit touring after their third album because the fangirl frenzy around them made their live performances so difficult. Pat O’Day introduced the Beatles at what was then the Seattle Center Coliseum in August of 1964. He recalls catching a glance from George Harrison, “George looked at me and he reached down and pulled the electrical plug out of the bottom of his guitar for a minute. And then he put it back in and kept playing, and he shrugged like ‘What difference does it make? No one can hear us anyway.’”
The Beatles had the type of following that today garners more eye rolls from those with “refined” taste in music. But we can’t just dismiss the validity of something merely because the initial fan base is female and has a mean age of 14. After all, that would mean throwing out your copy of The White Album.
Even Johnny Depp, the eccentricity King himself, started out as a teen heartthrob on 21 Jump Street. Now he’s an Oscar nominated, highly respected actor and Hollywood icon of all that is badass. We just choose to forgive him of his previous dealings with tweens. But why is that even something that needs forgiving?
The same goes for Elvis. According to Rolling Stone, “it was Elvis who made rock ‘n’ roll the international language of pop.” (This quote is so commonly used on a range of online bios of Elvis, its proper citation is uncertain.) Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly what all those girls were “tweeting” about back in the day. I’m going to go out on a limb here. At the time, the Elvis phenomenon wasn’t just about his music. The great icons of pop may be remembered for their music now, but it was largely a fangirl thing at the time. Today we don’t take things with a fangirl following seriously as high art.
So, what I’m proposing here is that we separate the phenomenon from its following before forming an opinion about its validity. I’m not saying that everything fangirls like is fit to be legendary, but historically speaking, fangirls have been largely, if not wholly responsible for cementing the status of many, many, cultural icons. Which begs the question: without them, where would all those icons be?
And what makes a fangirl tick? If there is a formula, it is deep in the minds of teenage girls. Oh, we females can be a fickle bunch. We can talk about why we like what we do, but can that then be applied to production and marketing? Eh, maybe not so much. Amy, the owner of the largest fan site dedicated to Robert Pattinson, was asked simply, “Why Robert?” And she responds, “Because he’s gorgeous.” Yep. That’s all.
Looking for more answers, I set to figure out the Fangirl equation. This past summer I went to a Jonas Brothers concert, and about halfway through it I became distracted from worrying about if I’d ever be able to hear again when I noticed something, or rather someone. Who was that dude on the bass? Out came the Blackberry. Google “Jonas Brothers bass player” and BAM. Greg Garbowsky. Hails from New Jersey, is allergic to peanuts, and is two days younger than I am.
Not that I expected to be the first to have noticed the guy, but I was a little surprised to find he has over 60,000 followers on Twitter (that’s more than Al Roker, people). Having learned from Garbowsky’s fanpage that he was going to be in Bass Player magazine, I proceeded to the bookstore to buy it.
If a wee crush had driven me to seek out needless information and to buy a magazine I would have never even glanced at before, this estrogen flowing through my body had more power over me than I was willing to admit. This was as close to being a fangirl as I had ever been. “You play bass?” the check out guy at Books-A-Million asked me, “Um… no. My little brother does.” Well, he does.
Imagine it as unbridled devotion floating around the atmosphere just waiting for a subject to fix itself upon. Therein lies the real power of fangirls. No subject is too small to be deemed worthy of obsession. That’s one really fascinating part about the Jonas craze. The brothers each have their own base of manic fans down to their little brother Frankie (the “bonus Jonas”).
In an essay entitled “1,000 True Fans”Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of Wired magazine, defines a true fan as “someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.” (The Kelly’s theory is that all any artist needs to survive in the “long tail” environment of the web is a core of one thousand true fans who will spend one hundred dollars on the artist’s products each year. That’s about one concert ticket and a couple of CDs, which by my calculations would put a fangirl at least one notch above a “true fan” in the hierarchy of fanhood. And that is precisely why the earth shakes when girls decide that something is likable. Greater than just buying power, true fanhood is about participation, and the web presents a multitude of fangirl opportunities both to consume and produce idol information. Of course all this includes a willingness to follow a band, artist, or celebrity until they are no longer working in the industry – well, maybe even a little after that too.
Hoping to find out more, I asked girls who ran fanpages how long they saw themselves being active fans. And acting a little taken aback, they had to pause to think, but then they all said something to the effect of, “until the artist makes it known that they don’t want to be in the spotlight anymore.” In fact, my favorite quote was, “I guess until (he) gets married and has babies or something.”
Fangirls are one of the primary drivers in popular media and today they are more empowered than ever before. History suggests that appealing to this special type of super fan and their unparalleled loyalty is one of the best ways to achieve superstardom (even if the mania doesn’t last, your retirement is funded). Yes, fangirls can be loud, perhaps obnoxious, and not all their picks end up at exalted heights in the artistic pantheon, but it is unfair to dismiss fangirls merely as a gaggle of girls suffering from puppy love.
They raised the likes of James Dean, Heath Ledger, Michael J. Fox (who interestingly enough, changed his middle initial from “A” to “J”, because he didn’t want teen magazines referring to him as “Michael, A Fox!”), Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, and kept them in the spotlight long enough for the rest of us to fall in love with them too. Thank you, fangirls.

Nick Jonas drops in record sales without Jonas Brothers

Are the Jonas Brothers a thing of the past? After a 3-D concert film hit the lower end of expectations last year, the side project from Nick Jonas and the Administration didn't exactly bring in out-of-this-world sales numbers in its first week. The album sold 82,000 copies, which is less than a third of what the Jonas Brothers managed to pull in as an act for their last album. If you want to go even farther back, Joe, Nick, and Kevin had even more success with the album before that (as a matter of fact, it went gold in the first week).
Part of the reason for Nick's weaker sales may simply be the fact that the Jonas Brothers sell better when they're together. However, with Kevin getting married -- and Joe having a list of former girlfriends including Taylor Swift -- some of that "heartthrob" status may be gone.
There may also be another reason for the decline in the Jonas fame: his name is Justin Bieber. The 15-year old Canadian sensation has taken away much of the Brothers' pre-teen audience. (And to think Justin was never even on the Disney Channel.)
Do the record sales by Nick Jonas serve as a warning sign to you about the Jonas Brothers' future? Let me know your thoughts below and stay tuned for more news.


Kevin Jonas sings "Scandinavia" in the last episode of "JONAS". The episode is on the YT channel

Kevin & Danielle Jonas

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hot Tours: Brad Paisley, Guns N' Roses, Tiesto, Nick Jonas

The first concert totals are in for Nick Jonas & the Administration's Who I Am Tour that began on Jan. 2 at the House of Blues in Dallas.  Reported totals from eight venues place the band fifth among the Hot Tours of the week.  Formed as a side project for Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, the group has been playing theaters and clubs on its early 2010 tour.

Jan. 2-21
House of Blues, Dallas (2/2)
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville (1/1)
Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C. (1/0)
Beacon Theatre, New York (1/1)
Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, Pa. (2/2)
Fox Theatre, Detroit (1/1)
Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, Ill. (1/0)
State Theatre, Minneapolis (1/1)
27,249 (27,351)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nick Jonas vs. the Box

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vote For Nick Jonas!! :D

The Billboard office has seen its share of arguments, but few have been as heated as our recent discussion about the sexiest people in music. Many names were tossed around, and it quickly became apparent that one person's "totally hot!" is another's "absolutely not!" So before we started turning over desks and strangling each other with headphone cords, we decided to turn this deabate over to the real experts: you.

Take a look at the lists below and tell us which stars have really brought sexy back. Vote now and vote often -- we'll tally the results and reveal your top 10 males and females by Valentine's Day.

Click Here To Vote

Nick Jonas honoured to sing on 'We Are the World'

Even for Nick Jonas, there comes a time to heed a certain call. The youngest member of the JoBros — who stepped into the solo spotlight this week with his funky second album Who I Am, backed by his new band The Administration — was one of 80 musical stars who gathered in a Hollywood studio on Monday to remake We Are the World, this time in support of Haitian earthquake relief.
The session — held nearly 25 years to the day after the original version was recorded in the same studio to benefit African famine victims — was headed by original producer Quincy Jones, but featured a roster loaded with contemporary talents such as Pink, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson and Jason Mraz.
Here’s what 17-year-old heartthrob and teen-pop superstar Jonas thought of the event.

Tell me about taking part in We Are the World. What was it like?
It was a truly incredible experience. Celine Dion was, like, right next to me and was to my left, and Kanye was there. It was just insane — I mean, just absolutely insane. To be a part of such a legendary song and a legendary recording was such an honour.

Was there anybody that you were starstruck to meet?
Not really. The funny thing is, I’ve met most of them before. But it was pretty crazy; Brian Wilson was there. I didn’t get to meet him. I don’t know if he met anybody. But it was amazing to see him.

Did you get a solo line in the song?
I did, actually. I got Billy Joel’s line, which was pretty cool. It’s the last line of the first verse: "And the truth, you know love is all we need."

I saw that Justin Bieber was there. He’s starting out on a similar career path to the Jonas Brothers; do you have any advice for him?
I think that he’s doing a good job so far. And it’s interesting to see the path that he’s on, because it is similar the one that my brothers and I have experienced. But I hope the best for him, and I really hope that he enjoys each moment of it, because it is an amazing ride that he’ll be on.

Nick Jonas - Who I Am (Exclusive Interview)

Nick Jonas's Tour Mate Calls His Fans Insane – But Sweet

Touring with Nick Jonas was an eye-opening experience for Diane Birch.

Thanks to the teen idol's rabid fans, the retro-pop singer-songwriter, 27, says she witnessed something "similar to Beatlemania" while on the road with Jonas, 17, earlier this year.

"I was really surprised at the craziness of the fans and how insane they are – and how genuinely sweet," says Birch, whose song "Valentino" is on the movie soundtrack to the upcoming Valentine's Day. "They would spend hours in the freezing cold just to catch a glimpse of him."

Birch logged some indoor quality time with Jonas, whom she calls "super normal and super sweet." And also very mature: "The first thing that really surprised me was how much of a leader and how much of a showman he was onstage," she tells PEOPLE. Offstage, she says, he's "very quiet and serious."

When not performing, the pair swapped "funny stories" during lunch breaks and even worked on a duet. "We spent a lot of time one day in his dressing room just playing around. I was playing keyboard and he was playing guitar and we were just trying to work out something, and that was pretty fun," she recalls.

Selena Gomez Visits Backstage

Another highlight? Meeting fellow Jonas Brothers Joe, 20, and Kevin, 22, who came to one of their New York City shows. "They were so nice and down-to-earth," she says. "To just see how normal they are, it was really cool."

Birch also learned about a Jonas family tradition when Joe gave her boyfriend, art director and model Ariel Stark-Benz, a backstage embrace.

"We went to say goodbye and my boyfriend went to shake his hand and Joe gave him a hug. [It was] kind of awkward, and Joe was like, 'We're a hugging kind of family.' It was really cute. Every time I saw them they were hugging and just really friendly."

Nick's brothers weren't the only famous faces to pop up backstage.

Selena Gomez, Nick's one-time – and rumored to be current – girlfriend "was there part of the time," reveals Birch. "She seemed really cool. I think she's pretty close to the family."

Even though the tour with Jonas has ended, Birch hopes to hit the road again, this time to Europe to promote her CD Bible Belt.

Jonas, meanwhile, just released Who I Am, his first album with Nick Jonas & The Administration.

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