Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Seasons Of Jonas Brothers’ “Living The Dream” And “JONAS” Heading To Disney Channel

After Nick Jonas took a short break from his brothers to tour his solo record, the Jonas Brothers are back on the set of their hit Disney Channel comedy, “JONAS.” The show’s second season is now in production and features some new faces.
The second season finds the brothers along with friends Stella and Macy in Los Angeles, where they’ll spend the summer in the Hollywood Hills. Joe earns a role in a big Hollywood movie, Kevin tries his hand at directing, and Nick takes on surfing while writing songs for the Jonas’ latest album, some of which are sure to be played during the show.
The second season also sees some new faces, including “Entourage” featured player Debi Mazar, who’ll play the eccentric film director of the film Joe will star in, while Abby Pivaronas of “Lincoln Heights” will play Joe’s beautiful co-star. Adam Hicks, of Disney XD’s “Zeke and Luther,” will play a neighbor. They even scored their bodyguard, Rob Feggans, a role as their chief of security. (He also rapped on ther hit single, “Burnin’ Up.”)
While the second season of “JONAS” won’t premiere until the summer, the Brothers return to Disney Channel a bit earlier with new installments of “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.” “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream 2″ follows the band across Europe as they tour with their latest album. The short-form series follows the brothers as they prepare to take the stage, perform for thousands of fans, and even write new songs. “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream” premieres Sunday, March 21st at 8:55pm ET/PT.

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