Friday, February 5, 2010

Nick Jonas & The Administration; Who I Am

 Nick Jonas is the youngest sibling in the Jonas Brothers, but he is also the one with the most entertainment experience - he was 7 when he first performed on Broadway - and the most evident appeal: The trio's first major-label deal grew from a solo contract for Nick.
"Who I Am" could therefore be seen as more of a continued fulfillment of that contract than as Jonas' side project.
He insists it's the latter, and with further strains toward the maturity the Jonas Brothers have been attempting recently, he constructs a solo identity from sweet-and-light funky soul.
A couple of members of Prince's New Power Generation are in his band, the Administration, but the backing and the songs - including the hermetic ballad "Vesper's Goodbye" and the super-polished, yearning title track - are closer to late-period John Mayer. That's a shorter distance than Nick's talent ought to be able to travel, but it's a predictably well-placed first step.
- Jon M. Gilbertson



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