Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Jonas Brothers Accidentally Dine And Dash

The Jonas Brothers get a lot of special treatment. So when a waitress accidentally brought them a bottle of wine, they naturally assumed it had been provided on the house.
But after they left, another restaurant patron would end up paying their bill. A witness reveals exclusively to that after eating at the Figaro Cafe in Los Angeles she accidentally paid for the older JoBros' meal! "The bartender took my wine to the wrong table-which happened to be the Jonas Brothers," the guest tells "They thought because they are celebrities the wine was brought as a gift on the house- so they drank it all. After they apologized and told me how delicious the wine was, the waitress charged me for my dinner and theirs!"Sounds like an honest mistake to us (do the Jonas Brothers make any other kind of mistake?) Better read over your bill more carefully next time!It must be nice living like a Jonas Brother.


Anonymous said...

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