Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Captain America’ to Get the Bonus of Jonas?

Superhero films have become one of the hottest film commodities to come out in a long time.  Whether its Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man or the plethora of other comic inspired films, one thing is for sure: the top talent in Hollywood want to be apart of it.

According to Hollywire sources, casting has just begun for the newest Marvel film, Captain America.  And if teen girls are to make the final decision then they will be happy to hear Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas have already read lines for the upcoming film and are in contention for both Captain America and other characters in the film. Wait, what about brother Nick?

It was said Kevin Jonas had the better audition and was more natural. Its also been stated more casting still needs to take place before any decisions are made.  But its interesting to see what direction the highly potential hit film is taking.



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