Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alright guys here's the first update. Now I've been looking at a few different celeb sites and these stories have been popping up on a couple of them.

So as any Jonas fan know the boys are now up in Canada filming Camp Rock 2. Well several celeb gossip sites have posted pictures and stories of the ever lovable funny man Joe Jonas out and about with not only Nick and Kevin, but also to a lovely lady he was linked to several months ago. A Ms. Brenda Song, who most disney fans will know from her part playing London Tipton on the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and now on The Sweet Life on Deck on the Disney channel. Here is a picture of them (Joe, Nick, and Brenda) from the other night at a Kings of Leon concert in Hamilton Ontario. (This isn't the best picture but you can clearly see nick and Joe, along with the back of Brenda's head.)

So weather or not those Two were in fact on a date or were just hanging out, which is entirely plausable, we wish Joe the best of luck. Because all Three of these boys deserve true happiness in their personal lives.
EDIT:: I just found out that Joe and Brenda were once again spotted together at their hotel in Toranto. (Story can be found on Oceanup.com) Joe stopped for a picture while Brenda went straight for the elevator.

On some Kevin and Dani related news a picture has surface of the couple in the Bahamas back in May of 2007.  This is when they were said to have met. Looks like Kev's checking Dani out huh. ;)

(A/N: On a side note The Jonas Brothers are holding a YouTube Groups Dance Contest! You have to do a dance to their song, 'What Did I Do To Your Heart'. The top three videos get Favorited by JB!)

Now there isn't a lot of Nick related news to post about other then him continuing to be the awesome young man he is and signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

So this is the first post, hope you enjoyed it. I'll be updating again soon. Until then Goodbye and Goodnight.



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