Friday, September 18, 2009

Jonas Bros get metrosexual!

THE JONAS BROTHERS have followed DAVID BECKHAM'S lead by revealing they love getting manicures.

The three brothers - NICK, JOE and KEVIN - have told how their digits need a bit of pampering after long stints on stage.
Their admission casts back memories to Goldenballs decked out in a sarong and pink varnish in 2006.
Kevin, 21, said: "Our nails do get messed up on the guitar, so we occasionally have a manicure."
Joe, 20, added to Top of the Pops magazine: "We don't get nail polish or anything though!
"But we could rock that. I saw some guy rocking a gold nail varnish the other day and it looked pretty cool on him."
Younger brother Nick, 17, chipped in: "Pedicures? It might happen."
We wonder if Becks has even done that.

Source: TheSun



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