Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[ Delayed ] Jonas in Russia's Bravo Magazine

Here are some scans sent by colleague Victoria . The scans are from Russia's Bravo Magazine . Enjoy! :>

[Below] The whole section is about celebrities, who are preparing for Christmas and New Year.
“Christmas and New Year are coming and the celebrities begin to prepare for these holidays!
Jonas Brothers:
As their Disney Friend Selena Gomez the Jonas Brothers decided to remember their childhood and to visit the Disneyland. We think they enjoyed it, 'cause of they were smiling!
Mickey and Minney are happy too to see the Jonas brothers in Disneyland!

This section was about Team Edward and Team Jacob. The celebrities are choosing a Team.
Joe Jonas are on Team Edward!
“Every guy wants to be a superhero. And even though Edward kills for blood, I'd like to like him, 'cause he's so strong and wise”



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