Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joe Aspires To Be White House Social Director?

he Jonas Brothers — or at least Joe and Nick — are becoming Washington regulars.

The middle brother, Joe Jonas, was on the Hill Wednesday to advocate for The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act of 2010. Jonas met with several members of Congress, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and discussed his “iWin Joe Jonas Fun Run” that benefits the Special Olympics. If this sounds familiar, that’s because his younger brother, Nick, visited Capitol Hill last year to testify in front of the Senate on behalf of juvenile diabetes and also had a meeting with Pelosi.

Pelosi joked about Jonas fever on the Hill at a press conference for the act.

“I told Joe, ‘We had Nick, now we have Joe. Tell Kevin we’re waiting,’” she said while introducing Joe in the speaker’s office, referring to the third brother of the band, Kevin.

Along with testifying last year, Nick Jonas was in Washington for at least his fourth time this year a few weeks ago and made a visit to the White House. The 17-year-old has also been quite vocal about his desire to run for president: he sells bumper stickers at concerts that say “Jonas 2040” and more recently, he started a new band called "Nick Jonas and the Administration."

Joe knows exactly what role he’d like to have if Nick did make it to the White House. "I'd probably want to throw the parties," Jonas told POLITICO, on his way to meetings in the Capitol. "I'll go with the social director. That would be my job."

Jonas was also joined by two other brothers from a well-known family: Timothy Shriver of the Special Olympics and Anthony Shriver of Best Buddies International.

Click the video above to hear more about his charity run on the National Mall and his thoughts on a Nick Jonas administration.

Photo by Mark Wilkins



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