Sunday, January 17, 2010

Joe Jonas: Ready to Go Brotherless Like Nick?

If Nick Jonas can do it, his brother Joe can do it, too.
We're talking about breaking away from the Jonas Brothers for awhile to make his own music.
Joe's being coy about whether he has a Nick Jonas and the Administration-like project up his sleeve, but…
"I'm writing songs right now," Joe told me at last night's Critics' Choice Awards in Hollywood. "I'm writing a lot of music."
The 20-year-old JoBro smiles when asked if he's planning on following in Nick's brotherless footsteps. He declines to say yes or no.
"It's going really well," he said. "I've written about five songs with some of my friends in different bands and things like that. With Grammy Week coming up, all my friends and all these musicians are flying in. I love writing with musicians."
And that's not all that Joe has going on. He's reading scripts.
"I'm looking forward to doing more acting," he said. "I know everybody says this, but I want to be able to do everything. I won't be satisfied until I'm ready to do every kind of role—from a villain to a comedian."


Anonymous said...


xXxFayexXx said...

Ohh no! Joe can't do it too. I know Nick is just doing a side project but Joe sounds more serious about going seperate ways. I hope it doesn't come to that ='(

celine said...

i think it would be great for them to go their separate ways sometimes.. i'd like to see them grow as individuals


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