Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chelsea Staub on Jonas Co-Stars: “They’re Very Romantic”

Chelsea Staub has one of the best jobs in the world. Not only is she a working actress, but she also gets paid to work with three of the hottest guys around: the Jonas Brothers.

How does it feel to work with such hotties? “It’s amazing,” she exclusively told OK! at a personal appearance recently at Planet Hollywood Times Square. “I feel really blessed in the sense that we’ve been working together for three years now and to get to go to work with these rock stars, who are insanely attractive. But, to have them be nice guys through it all and to be some great friends and people that I would enjoy spending time with even if I wasn’t forced to [laughs]. It’s a great gig. I’m very happy.”

Although she didn’t get to talk to Joe Jonas about his breakup with Demi Lovato, Chelsea still says she’s closest to him “by default.”
“We’re together on the show and Kevin [Jonas] is older and married and Nick [Jonas] is younger. He and Nicole are kind of closer to the same age as each other, so Joe and I kind of end up spending a lot of time together,” Chelsea explains.
“We really enjoy each other’s company, we’re kind of each other’s ying and yang. He’s very funny and kind of all over the place and I’m more like, ‘Joe we have to stay in line.’ So, it’s funny when we’re together. We kind of balance each other out.”

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