Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joe Jonas Hangs With Royalty

Joe met up with Prince William today at the Coaching for Conservation in Maun Botswana. The event was centered around teaching kids life lessons through soccer, sports, and good coaching. Joe was only supposed to play one set kicking off the day but was personally requested by the Prince himself to play another set! The two handsome young men got to chat and get to know each other pretty well.

Joe says, "Being able to collaborate with Prince William to bring awareness to the kids of Botswana was a very special experience. It was a great way to show the children they have the world in front of them and can be whatever they want to if they put their mind to it. Meeting the Prince was a true honor and hopefully we can work together again."

4,000 people being in the presence of those two boys must have been incredible. I'm sure we all hope for them to work together again too!



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