Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Jonas Brothers Don't Want To Pay Service Fees

Every day a multitude of stars wander through the halls of MTV News to talk about their latest projects and goof around with our intrepid correspondents. But sometimes we catch stars elsewhere, and that's why we put together Spotted!, a daily compendium of stars in the wild.
Even though album sales have been floundering for years, the concert industry has been keeping the music business afloat for the past few years. But could this be the summer that the bubble bursts on that business too? U2 and Christina Aguilera have both had to cancel two of the more high profile tours of the summer, and sales of high-profile tours like Lilith Fair have been sluggish (at last weekend's Sasquatch Festival in Seattle, Live Nation was selling Lilith tickets for 10 bucks, while the price of a beer on site was 11 dollars). But concert goers will get a break during the month of June, as Live Nation — the biggest concert promotion company in the country — will be waiving service fees at a number of major venues across the country for shows by the likes of Adam Lambert, Rihanna, Phish, 311 and Jack Johnson. Live Nation are so excited about this development that they threw a party announcing the plan and hired the Jonas Brothers to play a special set in San Francisco.



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