Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Song You Need To Know: The Jonas Brothers, 'Feeling Alive'

Everybody's writing songs for summer DAYS -- LCD Soundsystems' "Drunk Girls," of course Katy Perry's "California Gurls," the lovely Vita Chambers' "Boom," (and Kanye West's "Power," albeit begrudgingly). But what we really need is a song that perfectly encapsulates a hot, sweaty, unforgettable summer NIGHT set to music. Obviously the Jonas Brothers sensed that need when they wrote their newest song, "Feeling Alive."
If you could bottle and sell the sound and sensation of a summer night, "Feeling Alive" would be it. With its rolling guitars, drum swells, sing-it-like-you-mean-it chorus, and almost-'80s power key change, "Feeling Alive" is a song that was made to be sung aloud with your car windows down, or, more aptly, in a big arena along with the Jonas Brothers themselves on the summer leg of their 2010 tour. "Feeling Alive" is a tribute to L.A. nights, but they give a shout-out to Jersey kids too, just so East Coasters don't feel too left out.
+ Listen to "Feeling Alive" here. "Feeling Alive" is off the Jonas LA soundtrack, due out July 20



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