Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jonas Brothers in Spain - RTVE

They´ve sold 8.000.000 CD´s all over the world, and this evening we checked that they love spain, first of all "Real Madrid"-Nick speaks...
They only need to speak spanish a little better, even though they are trying-(I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO SAY).
The most famous pop brothers are in world tour, they are 17, 20 y 22, and they´ve come to spain to introduce their new CD.
With their appearance teenagers turned crazy:

Girl 1-All, all, I love them all
Girl 2-It´s just they are very cute
Girl 3-They are handsome and sing really good

Last night rocked in Baracaldo showing why they are the most sold of Disney Factory.
At this time the teens are rocking with their music in "el palacio de los deportes" of Madrid

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KissMeJonas said...

they are in spain and i won´t see them in concert as every year


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