Kevin Jonas has declared there is “nothing there” between his brother Joe and Demi Lovato.
Joe and Demi play boyfriend and girlfriend in forthcoming film Camp Rock 2, but Kev insists the romance is only on screen.
“There’s rumours going around but I can assure you there’s nothing there – but in the film the love story between Mitchie and Shane continues for sure,” he said.
Kevin’s romantic life is looking good however, as he is set to marry sweetheart Danielle.
His brothers Nick and Joe are organising his stag do but Kevin says he’s not worried about what they might plan.
He said: “I have no information about that because I’m not the one in charge. I’m not worried about it – it will all be good fun. I’m very happy to be engaged and to be getting married.”
The brothers are touring the UK at the moment and took some time out to give British school children a special music lesson.
The trio completed a masterclass and sang acoustic renditions of Lovebug and SOS to 200 very excited students, including one girl who was so excited she cried all the way through the performance.
Kevin said being able to speak to people who are interested in music and who want to learn was a “great experience”.
The Disney star added: “We went to school for a certain time then had to be home-schooled to fit in with what we did so it’s nice to be back.”