Friday, November 13, 2009

Kevin Jonas Interview With Malaysia R.AGE

'I am a guy who likes to enjoy time with friends, and take care of Danielle. We (the Jonas Brothers) don’t fight for attention and we treat each other equally.' Despite negative press he got over his engagement, that he’s too young and what not, Kevin said that he's making the right decision: 'You know when you’re supposed to be with someone and I know that Danielle is the one for me.'

Obviously Kevin is not going in the same direction as Nick, who is planning to release his own solo project under the name Nick Jonas & The Administration. So, does he feel that his brothers outshine him all the time? 'Is that what you think?' Kevin asked. Interview: 'I don’t know. Do you?' He thought for a few seconds before stating that each brother has his specific interest and own strength.

Kev on the attention: 'It’s flattering but all that attention comes with the territory. I think you set where the line (that divides enough information from too much information) should be. We allow fans to have as much information about us as they can, but not all. We do not have separate Twitter accounts. @jonasbrothers is the only Twitter account we have. The rest are set by impersonators.

..The paparazzi, they’re okay. It comes with the territory. We do what we have to do and I think for us, we take one day at a time. We all make mistakes but we cannot always worry about it.. Fans are really important. Danielle completely understands that and doesn’t get jealous at all.'




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