Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review: Jonas Brothers, Metro Radio Arena

EVEN before the music kicks in to signify the trio’s arrival to the stage, the screams are deafening. Any tiny twitch of movement from the door leading backstage is causing thousands of teenage girls to hyperventilate.
As the lights dim the impossible happens – the shrieking gets louder and then louder still as the music begins.
By the time Kevin, Nick and Joe – the Jonas Brothers –  rise up on a platform of glory through the middle of the stage, full-on mayhem has ensued.
They launch into the first number of their trademark pop-rock style and, as cheeky front man Joe announces, the party begins.
What follows is about 90 minutes of tunes and banter from the New Jersey natives who launched their career on the Disney Channel after starring in hugely popular teen-movie Camp Rock in summer 2008.
Memorable moments include when a young fan is plucked from the audience by the boys and asked to help them sing a wailing ballad. She does so beaming in disbelief as thousands of other girls look on with green eyes.
Another time the boys take the Santa-hats brought for them by fans and wear them during the next song - no doubt a story that will be repeated to friends for months to come.
As well as tracks from all four albums the boys energetically perform their cover of Busted’s Year 3000 and Black Eyed Peas’ I’ve Got a Feeling which both go down a treat.
Throughout the performance, multi- instrumentalists of the group Kevin and Nick play guitar and piano, for the most part leaving it to charismatic Joe to play up to the fans by waving and blowing kisses.
All three are suitably impressive but even if the music couldn’t be heard over the screaming, this was always about the boys themselves. Thousand of girls wanted to see the good old-fashioned charm they are loved for - and they weren’t disappointed.



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