Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Staying active is very important to me as I manage my diabetes.  Doing shows every night is a workout in itself, but this tour we have an additional tour element Road Dogs games.  The Road Dogs have 12 games scheduled during this leg of the tour.  Our team consists of our band, management, security, our tour manager and a bunch of other people.
Kevin pitches and currently has a batting average of .333 with 3 RBI’s, Joe plays right and center field with a batting average of .353 with 2 RBI’s and I am Team Captain and play 3rd base with a .470 batting average with 4 RBI’s and 1 home run.
Playing the different teams from Marquis Jet and ESPN has been a challenge, and we haven’t always won but I feel strongly that the Road Dogs will come out on top with a winning season.
Making sure I eat right is one of the keys to having enough energy for the game and the show each night. By testing my levels with my CONTOUR USB Monitor it allows me to make the necessary adjustments without slowing me down.

We had the Camp Rock 2 premiere in New York this month which was a lot of fun; don’t miss its premiere on the Disney Channel September 3rd.
Finally, thank you to everyone who entered the “Give Back. Simply Win Contest” choosing the winners was not easy and I look forward to meeting them soon.  To everyone who entered, keep doing all the amazing things I’m reading about.  You are truly inspiring.
My Simple Win this month: Giving my body the right foods so I can play for my team and perform for the fans all.



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