Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Which JoBro Has the Best Sports Skills?

The Jonas Brothers are done burnin' up baseball diamonds. At least for the season.
Kevin, Joe and Nick brought their softball team, the Road Dogs, to Cal State Long Beach's Blair Field on Sunday to play the final game of a 12-city tour on behalf of "X the TXT," a campaign designed to raise awareness among teens about the dangers of texting while driving.
But before taking the field, we just had to ask the all-important question: Of the three, who comes equipped with superior sandlot skills?
"I think the most athletic and the one who would dive for the ball the most would be Kev— Nick," revealed Joe. "I almost said Kevin."
"I was like, yeah, thanks," joked Kevin upon hearing Joe's slight slip-up.
But leave it to Nick to soothe his big bro's bruised ego.
"We all have our role on the team," he said diplomatically. "The fact that we play as a team is what's important."

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