Saturday, May 22, 2010

It’s good to be a Jonas

When you’re as famous as the Jonas Brothers, your professional life tends to bleed into your personal life.
That’s just fine with the stars of Disney Channel’s “Jonas LA” (premiering June 20), who’ve used their fame to help them do things that guys their age could only dream of — like watch a baseball game from their favorite team’s box seats.
Middle brother Joe Jonas (right), 20, gleefully recounts attending a Yankees game earlier this week, with tickets from first baseman Mark Teixeira. “We’re big Yankees fans and the fact that we were able to go there and be sitting in his box seats was awesome,” he says.
Victoria WIll/New York Post
Jonas Brothers

Thanks to their fame, the boys have also gotten to meet presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and spent quality time with Paul McCartney and U2’s Bono. Joe, who loves to cook, has even managed to swing a few cooking lessons from “Top Chef Masters” star (and friend) Tim Love.
“We’ve always been interested in pop culture and supporting sports teams . . . so it’s cool to see that we can take that part of our lives up a step now,” says eldest brother Kevin (left), 22.
Meanwhile, youngest brother Nick (center) is laser-focused on another gig. “I want to go onto ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’” the 17-year-old says. “That whole business-minded job, I think I can do that. I’m putting in my application right now.”



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