Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jonas Brothers Are Bringing Their Women on Tour

The Jonas Brothers used to be three single dudes traversing the globe with thousands of girls chasing after them. But when the Jonas Brothers head out on their three-continent summer tour, beginning July 27, it will be a different scene now that Kevin Jonas is a married man and their opening act, Demi Lovato, is Joe Jonas' girlfriend. (Only Nick is left unattached.) PopEater caught up with the JoBros in their vast suite in Hollywood's Renaissance Hotel, and Kevin confirms that his wife, Danielle, "will be there, absolutely," adding, "We're going to travel together and it'll be really nice."
Youngest brother Nick Jonas admits, "It will definitely be a learning experience. It'll bring in a new dynamic having a new member of the family. We're ready for it ... Another year of touring with all its exciting new adventures."

Joe declares that this tour will be "fun!" The band toured with Lovato before, "but it's different this time. We're excited to get out and do something we both really enjoy," he adds.

Tickets for the tour go on sale May 15. In addition to touring, they're preparing for the June 20 debut of the second season of their Disney Channel series. They also have 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' slated to premiere Sept. 3.

"I've been using this analogy," says Kevin. "It's like we've been doing a really big paper with all the stuff we've been working on -- the TV show, 'Camp Rock 2,' the new music and now we're about to hand it in, and we're really ready for that to happen."

On top of all that, Kevin just won $250,000 for their family's charity, Change for the Children, on 'Minute to Win It' -- which pulled the show's best ratings since its debut.

Along with their success, however, the Jonas Brothers have faced criticisms and been subject to Internet rumors -- including one site claiming to have video proving that Joe and Demi's relationship had gone beyond PG. The actual video turned out to be a blurry distant view of them talking and dancing on the beach. But they're pros and brush off the rumors.

"We kind of just brush it off," says Nick. "[We] take things as they come. With things like that, well, we know what is actually going on. That is what's important."



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