Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Jonas' Season Two Breaks New Ground For The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back for a second season of their Disney Channel series, self-titled Jonas. Fans are going to get to see a whole new side of Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas as the second season takes them in different directions.
“We take a trip, we go away from home, we go to Los Angeles for the summer and spend it the three guys in a house in L.A. and really take on everything L.A. has to offer,” Kevin Jonas said. “It’s the first time Disney’s ever done a continuous storyline show. It’s going to be an amazing thing to see and hopefully the fans will be able to connect with it and I think our fans, where they are now, will definitely be able to relate with our characters and everything that they’re going through.”
The show is only part of the Jonas Brothers empire, which includes movies, albums and charity. First and foremost, however, the Jonas Brothers remain musicians.
“I think we came into this having a life plan which was we are a band first,” Kevin said. “No matter what we do on the side or we want to divert, we always want to come back to being a brother band. Just staying true to who The Jonas Brothers are but really for us, it’s exciting that we can be and do so many different things, like our new television show, Camp Rock 2… There are so many different things that are happening and it’s going to be really nice.”
Jonas returns June 20 on Disney Channel.



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