Friday, May 21, 2010

The Jonas Brothers...Their scary elevator ride

O.K. -- so these guys are in a movie. It's related.

Also, this story is so unnecessary that I felt it had to be posted. But, I think (I'm pretty sure) that the only reason I'm interested in this saga is because it involves three things that creep me out -- the Jonas Brothers, broken elevators and the Grove Mall in Los Angeles.

This scenario just might be one of the official levels of hell.

I'll have to check with Satan:

"The Jonas Brothers and a bodyguard were trapped in an elevator for nearly an hour after their sold-out LA concert at The Grove the other day. 'For the first 15 minutes they thought it was funny, but after 30 they started to worry,' said our source.

Wait a minute. The Jonas Brothers thought someone would forget them in the elevator? Like, the guy in charge of fame made the call with a, yeah, your time is up kids. Sorry it had to happen this way. You will forever be stuck in this elevator, unable to entertain millions with your magic.

Or maybe they're just claustrophobic.

This part made me laugh. Or cry. I'm not sure:

"'Security guards finally managed to pry open the doors. The elevator was between floors. The brothers are skinny and easily squeezed out, but it was tougher for their giant bodyguard.' A rep for the band confirmed they got stuck for 30 minutes and added, 'Everybody got out fine.'"

If the bodyguard was screaming, this story has just walked into my nightmares. 



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