Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kevin Jonas Used To Be A Duct Tape Wallet Designer

Apparently when Kevin Jonas was 17, he used to be on the track team and he used to mow lawns. But Kevin also had other interests. In fact, there was one interest in particular that veered very far away from his love of pole-vaulting.
"I was a total nerd and I thought skateboarding..." he started to tell MTV News before Nick chimed in with, "Yeah he was [a nerd]."
And then Joe revealed, "He was making duct tape wallets and selling them." It's a sticking point that made Kevin feel like he needed to defend his efforts. "I was an entrepreneur," he explained.
But was he successful? Nick said, "He spent more money on the duct tape then he made on the wallets."
Poor Kevin! All he wanted was a creative outlet for himself, so he asked his brothers, "I wonder what people said to like Tom Ford at 17 when he was making clothes and stuff?"
Joe quipped, "They probably said, 'Wow that's really awesome. I want to wear it.'" Still, though Joe showed his support: "I wore your stuff."
Even if a lot of people didn't wear it, Nick insists the quality was great. "One thing's for sure," he joked. "The money never fell out of the wallet."



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