Saturday, May 8, 2010

Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Remains Undecided In Great iPhone Vs. Lollipop Debate

Here we have Joe Jonas, engaged in a typical Jonas Brothers day of filming a movie and rocking out. But all that rocking and filming came to a screeching halt when honorary Jonas Brother Greg Garbowsky was basically like, "Joe, real talk, man: which do you like better, your iPhone or your lollipop?"
Joe responded, "Man, that's like asking me to choose between my totally cool leather vest or my chic, black-rimmed glasses. That's like asking me to chose between "S.O.S." or "Burnin' Up." You might as well ask me to choose between Kevin and Nick!"
Garbo had opened a Pandora's Box of indecision. Joe Jonas stared at his lollipop and his iPhone.


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