Friday, October 30, 2009

Brotherly Love: Teens Answer Jonas Call To Help

A pop superstar threw out a challenge, and four teenagers from West Chester answered the call.  Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers inspired them to help others, and as Dave Huddleston shows us, they've already helped.

It was a call to action from Nick Jonas. Nick has Type 1 diabetes, and he told the Philadelphia crowd during last year's concert to do something, anything, to help others.

It was an epiphany for 15-year-old Morgan Mullen and her three friends.

"It depends what you do to help other people, not what you do for yourself," said Morgan.

So on the spot, the girls decided to raise money and buy insulin pumps for needy children with diabetes.  They call their event Pump It Up.  

They got several Wendy's restaurants to donate and West Chester's athletic facility ACAC to jump on board. 

November 7 and 14, ACAC is donating its swimming pools, moon bounce room, gyms and 30,000 square feet for games, snacks, face painting and more. 

Staff members say these young ladies know how to get things done.

"They didn't just sit on the couch and say, 'Oh, we ought to do something, let's do something...'   So we were like, 'Yeah, we'd love to,' and we're so glad we did." said Dawn Bunyon of ACAC. 

This is the second year for Pump It Up.  Last year they thought they would raise a couple hundred bucks.

"We'll have a small fundraiser, hopefully raise about four hundred dollars," said Brianna Pagliei.  "We ended up raising $6025."

"It was amazing," said Morgan.  "I couldn't believe it.  I was proud of us."

Morgan's mom, Judy Mullen, was also proud.  Like Nick, she has diabetes.  Judy says she looks at these four teenagers and is simply amazed.

"I can't be any more prouder of my daughter and the other three," Judy said.  "They are just extraordinary women that are going to grow and change the world."

The money will go to the Jonas Brother's foundation called Change For The Children.

Post by: Mattheus

Source:  CBS3



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