Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JB KickBall For a Cure.

If there was ever a band who knows how to have fun while inspiring millions of fans, then it’s got to be the Jonas Brothers.
The Lines, Vines, and Trying Times trio played kickball in front of about 5,000 shrieking fans on Sunday, October 11. The event, held at Dodd Stadium in Norwich, Connecticut, raised awareness for local programs that give back to the community and to promote the brothers’ Change for Children Foundation and Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine program.
The Jonas Brothers also held a press conference before the game to highlight the importance of organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Special Olympics and United Way. The brothers played kickball with local children involved in these groups while the opposing team was made up of contest winners.
The fun didn’t end after the charity kickball game, however. The group asked fans to stay and watch a softball game with their touring team the Road Dogs. “This will be the final and most important game of our season,” the Jonas Brothers wrote on their Twitter site. “So if your coming to the kickball games be sure to stick around.”

Source: The Examiner



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