Monday, October 12, 2009

Jonas Videos By Fans.

"I Just Wanna Love Somebody"Joe Jonas BB Good 10/10/09 Mohegan Sun Arena

Joe Jonas Sings " I Just Wanna Love SomeBody" instead of  "I Wanna Kiss You"

Kevin Jonas talking about finding the right person...

Some of you are having trouble hearing what they're saying.
The place was tiny so the screams were much louder.
Here's what they said:


Kevin: You know this year has been an amazing year for me and my brothers. It's been, it's been incredible and...

Joe: Congratulations Kevin! Kevin's engaged everybody.

Kevin: Speaking of that Joe, that last song got me a little inspired for a second, we write alot of songs...

Joe: When you look me in the eyes.

Kevin: Yeah. No but we write a lot of songs about love and I know a lot of people search for it in the wrong places. But just remember that one persons out there for you. And you will find them.

Joe: I love you.

Nick: Ladies and Gentlemen, Kevin Jonas.

Kevin: No seriously, it's good when you find it. I found it and it is awesome. So thank you.

Nick: Well Joe I guess you and I are still looking for someone. (it's either someone or love)


Thanks to everyone who sent me their videos so I can post them here :)
Thanx Brittany & Claudia.



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