Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chelsea Staub: How To Tell The Jonas Brothers Apart

Can’t tell The Jonas Brothers apart?  Neither could we until Chelsea set us straight with this handy guide:
Nick is the youngest. He is 17, and he’s definitely the brains behind the band. He’s the little brother, but he’s in charge of it all and he writes pretty much all of the music. He definitely has “it”, whatever “it” is, Nick’s got it. He plays drums and keyboard and guitar and writes and does all of it well. So he’s definitely the musical one in that family.
Joe is the middle brother. And he’s just the entertainer. He’s a goofball on and off set.  He’s constantly pulling pranks and getting us into trouble and he’s great when he’s on stage. He really sells it.
Kevin is the oldest. He should be a salesman. He’s really easy to talk to, always dresses to the nines, and is definitely the manager of the band. He keeps everybody in check.

Source: Girls2Watch



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