Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jonas Brothers dismiss Christmas tour dates leaked by Live Nation !

PDATE: John Vlautin, vice president of communications for Live Nation, contacted TicketNews after deadline, around 5 p.m. on October 13. He credited the Jonas Brothers concert listings on the company's site to an "employee error" but refused to answer additional questions about the situation.
A couple weeks ago, fans of Jonas Brothers were overjoyed to see 11 seemingly confirmed tour dates pop up on Live Nation for their favorite sibling trio, complete with presale and public onsale times. However, the pop sensations recently stepped forward to say they have no such tour plans whatsoever.
In a confounding turn of events, brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick said that there would be no Christmas tour, though event pages created by Live Nation [see screen cap] would seem to suggest otherwise. The Jonas Brothers' statement stopped short, though, of denying that a tour had been in the works.
"It has come to our attention that dates for a possible December concert tour somehow found their way onto the internet. Due to scheduling issues we're sorry to inform you that this won't be possible," the sibling trio said in a statement on their official fan club Web site. "We look forward to a wonderful touring season in 2010."

The sibling trio continued, "At this point we have no specific events planned and no plans for any... If that changes we will of course include the fan club. So we'll keep you posted there."
A spokesperson for Live Nation did not respond to requests for comment.
In late September, TicketNews reported that dates for a Jonas Brothers tour apparently leaked from Live Nation. Though the 11 announced "12 Days of Christmas Tour" dates were quickly pulled from Live Nation's concert directory, they could still be accessed through a simple Google search.
It appears that Live Nation not only jumped the gun in promoting the concert on its own site, but elsewhere on the Internet as well. Dates for the "12 Days of Christmas Tour" are listed on the popular music community, where they are marked as having been "Imported by Live Nation" rather than added by an unverified source. The event pages, searchable on the site, also include direct links back to Live Nation's now-defunct Jonas Brothers concert listings to buy tickets.
The date-pull is an especially strange mix-up for Live Nation, considering the company holds a long-term touring deal with Jonas Brothers. The deal, signed into effect for late January 2008, was expected to span at least two years and more than 140 concerts around the world. Since the deal is still standing, it seems that Live Nation would be the first to know -- and accurately confirm -- any touring plans for the trio.

Source: TicketNews



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