Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jonas Bros' Mom Confirms Nick's Solo Act

Jonas Bros' Mom Confirms Nick's Solo Act
Rumors of an upcoming solo act from Nick Jonas have proven to be true, according to Jonas Brothers' mom Denise Jonas.

“Nick is working on a solo act--it's called Nick Jonas and The Administration. Shhh! He's at the photo shoot for the album cover right now," Denise Jonas told

And the proud mom isn't shying away from gushing about her (soon-to-be) daughter-in-law Danielle Deleasa, who is set to marry her eldest son, 21-year-old Kevin Jonas.

"Kevin and his fiancee Danielle have set their wedding date--but it's completely private. Danielle, bless her heart, is from a great little Italian family. She is everything I ever prayed for and hoped for Kevin," she added.

Kevin Jonas, the oldest of the singing trio, took an overnight flight after performing a concert in Vancouver to propose to Danielle Deleasa, 22, at her New Jersey home in July.  


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