Friday, October 9, 2009

Joe Jonas Heading To Jewish Gym Center

Joe Jonas heading  to Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre to work out before heading to the Canadian set of Camp Rock 2 on Thursday afternoon (October 8).


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe u shud just know that ur Jewish!!! It goes by the moms side!! And ur mom is Jewish!!! U shud just know that u and ur brothers are not alone!!! Half of the famous ppl in the world are Jewish!! Most movie and rock stars are!! Wat can I say Jews are very talented!! Newayz If u ever wanna know more about being Jewish you can email me at dnt worry I'm not one of those crazy stalker fans!! I'm just a normal teenage girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mind what ur saying!!!...Joe jonas was not jewish...i don't know about now but even if he is now!'s u jewish people who turned him to a zionist!!..joe was such an inncoent guy i bet...but now he's even going on tour with that dirty jewish britney spears..joe may have turned to jewish (which is the worst mistake he has made in his entire life!)..but Nick is and will always stay innocent and's because of his geniune and My and his other Muslim innocent fans prayers!!!


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