Tuesday, August 24, 2010


NOTE: Frankmusik does not need an introduction, you should stop reading this blog if you don’t know who he is.
What do you do when you receive a Facebook message from Frankmusik implying he wants to do an interview?
You do it!  And as a pop music purveyor, you learn from it…
I met Vincent through Skype video chat to speak about his new album released off Cherry Tree Records, collaboration with many influential people in pop, and got a chance to listen to a few new tastemakers off his sophomore record.

Kazemi:  The American crossover should be great!  In outside work, who have you been working with lately? For your songwriting and producing?
Frankmusik: Well, the Sky Ferreira thing is finished; I don’t know when her albums coming out but I produced for her a while back, Joe Jonas… that’s been a lot of fun.  I just finished cutting some vocals with Colette Carr today!

Kazemi: Wait, Joe Jonas?
Frankmusik: It’s the most bizarre kinda gig, it’s been fun.. He’s doing his solo career now and his A & R has literally been like  “do whatever you want.”   All the stuff I’ve produced for him has been their favorite stuff which is unbelievable because I really thought they’d hate it.  I thought they’d actually hate everything I had to offer and you know what my music is like and you wouldn’t wanna really put me and Joe Jonas in the same room.  But he’s such a fucking cool dude, they all get such a bad rep and I don’t know how they stay so cool. I know some people who haven’t even got a fraction of their success and they’re the nicest people, I’ve hung out with like nobodies who are complete arseholes but those guys are so humble and don’t let any of the negativity get to them. It’s amazing; you can’t deny that that’s pretty awesome.

Kazemi:  That’s pretty sick.
Frankmusik: He’s fucking awesome.

Kazemi:  So how does inspiration differ when you’re writing for yourself and when you’re writing for someone else?
Frankmusik: Well, I mean, it was inspiring working with Joe because everyone else on the planet is just waiting for what he’s gonna do next. So I need to do something that’s just to fuck with people.  It’s not like I’m working with someone that’s known as an electronic artist or someone like that.  This guy is pop through and through, it was so great, and it would literally be like “hey, I’ve got a beat.”  “Oh I love it, I’ve already written something.” “Great that’s awesome, let’s just change this and then record it.” So that’s what it would be like with him because he’s a proper musician. He literally sings better then anyone I’ve had in my studio apart from Ellie Goulding, I mean she’s epic.

Kazemi:  You just changed my views on Joe Jonas…



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