Friday, August 20, 2010

Jonas Brothers want London show

The Jonas Brothers have said they'd be up for making a "Jonas London".
With the siblings relocating to Los Angeles in their Disney sitcom Jonas LA, the brothers said coming to the UK next wasn't out of the question.
"We'd like that - I think we'd like that a lot," Kevin said at the New York premiere of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.
"I'm down," laughed Joe before Nick added: "I'm in!"
The trio also claimed they hadn't got sick of working together.
"We have a good time working together," Nick told reporters. "If we didn't we probably wouldn't still be doing this. The key is just having a good time, enjoying our time together and really trying to do what we love."
Joe insisted fans of the first Camp Rock film won't be disappointed by the follow-up.
"You can expect a lot of fun, dancing and singing. Key moments, there's a good water balloon fight, there's a couple of good ballads. I think people will be impressed," he said.



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