Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato ready to rock again

It's been two years since Camp Rock was unveiled to the world, creating a star out of cheerful teen singer, Demi Lovato, and making even bigger stars out of the Jonas Brothers. Camp Rock delivered some of the Disney Channel's best ratings ever, spawning a bestselling soundtrack -- and now, it's rare to go more than a day without reading a news story about the film's young stars.
So it came as no surprise Disney was so eager to make a sequel, and, on Sept. 3, Lovato and the Jonas Brothers all return for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (airing on Family Channel). As is the case with most sequels, the musical numbers are bigger and the stakes are higher this time around.
"We have a much bigger budget now," Joe Jonas says. "We haven't stayed on the same set for more than three days at a time, and that's really exciting -- both inside and outside, and the inside sets are absolutely massive."
Adds Lovato: "We definitely have more dancing in Camp Rock 2. We made the routines even bigger and more fun. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it."
But although there are still plenty of upbeat song-and-dance numbers to be had, Camp Rock itself is in trouble, threatened by the glitz and glam of the new Camp Star, conveniently situated right across the lake. A musical showdown is imminent, but the situation is made all the more complicated when Nick's character, Nate, develops a star-crossed romance with one of Camp Star's campers.
Nick admits he was a little bit intimidated by his bigger role in The Final Jam, but found his work on the family's Disney Channel sitcom JONAS helped prepare him for the challenge.
"I think JONAS really helped me -- helped all of us, actually," Nick says. "We learned a lot on the set of the show, and we feel really comfortable in front of the camera now. So it wasn't that scary when it came to doing more in Camp Rock 2."
Meanwhile, Joe and Demi's characters, Shane and Mitchie, struggle to develop their burgeoning relationship while still keeping Camp Rock afloat.
"Shane has gotten a lot nicer. In the first one, he was kind of a jerk and he was trying to figure out how he wanted to be," Joe says. "This time, he's a lot more confident and finds happiness in wanting to know happiness and getting to know Mitchie. They both want to spend more time together, but they're finding it hard."
But the real question is: Will Shane and Mitchie finally kiss in The Final Jam?
"I can't reveal that information!" Joe exclaims.
"You'll have to wait and see," adds a coy Lovato.
Lest any Kevin Jonas fans worry he's getting left out, he assures his defenders he won't be "the other one" in The Final Jam.
"I think that my character grows up in a different way. Jason becomes a counsellor for the junior rock band, to father them through the ups and downs," Kevin explains. "Typically, people think a love interest is how you grow up, and I think that my role in this movie actually sets that apart. It shows that you don't have to have a relationship to be a mature person; you can have responsibility. I think that's a very, very cool thing."
Just as their characters have matured since Camp Rock, Lovato and the Jonas Brothers have grown up themselves. Lovato has become a pop princess in her own right, Nick formed his own band, Nick Jonas and the Administration, Joe is developing his acting career and Kevin is now a married man. Do they ever think they're getting too old for things like Camp Rock?
"I don't think we're ever getting too old for this, because, as a band, you can always grow. And it's the same with acting," Joe says. "There are days when getting going is hard, but you know that you get to go do something that will make people happy. We have the best, most passionate fans in the world and we love what we do."
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam airs Friday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Family Channel.



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