Monday, August 16, 2010

Newlywed Kevin Jonas takes married life on the road

Kevin and Danielle Jonas got married in December, but the honeymoon's not over yet. Although the Jonas Brothers are busy promoting their upcoming Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (Sept. 3), and just kicked off their 2010 tour, that hasn't kept the couple apart. They've got their own tour bus, with all the amenities: DVD player, kitchenette, bedroom. It even expands so there's room for their new puppy, Riley, a 9-month-old Yorkie-Maltese mix. As rain pelts the bus and the ridiculously adorable Riley busies herself with a squeaky toy, USA TODAY catches up with the newlyweds before the band's recent Bristow, Va., concert.
Extended honeymoon: "I've been on so many buses and trains and planes, it's really nice to have our own space," says Kevin, 22. They're just five cities into the tour, so no one's suffering from cabin fever quite yet. The perk of being on the road: "I get to be with him all the time," says Danielle, 23, a former hairstylist. While the guys rehearse, "the caterer has been teaching me new dishes."
"She's a great cook," Kevin enthuses. "She makes the best chicken parm."
That Target touch: The couple bought a house near Kevin's parents' in Dallas, but meanwhile, they're making the bus as homey as possible. "I brought my pillows from home," says Danielle. "The hardest thing is packing, especially for a girl. But Kevin's such a pro at touring, he made the transition easy for me."
"We have this method, where we use different (suitcases) that hold the clothes and things you'll need for different days," says Kevin. "We're also putting up family photos. We went shopping at Target to get some new rugs, and we have great food in the fridge."
Officially a fan: "I love watching people fawn over him," Danielle says. "I'm a fan, too. I wish I could get out in the middle of it and scream along."
"And she comes with us to meet-and-greets," where fans ask to be introduced to her, Kevin says.
He loves the attention she attracts. "We went to a gamers' convention and no one recognized me, so I got to stand back and watch all these guys gawk at my beautiful wife."
Fitting in with the band: Brothers Nick, 17, and Joe, 21, took her right in. "We spent the first two nights (of the tour) on their bus, and that was fun," Kevin says. "They joke around with her all the time, just like she's their sister."
"Adding a new element to a rock band is always risky," says Nick. "But with Danielle, it's been all good. And (the brothers) still find time to hang out, just the three of us, too."
"We all watch movies together," says Joe. (Spotted on the bus: A DVD of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.)
Still dating: "We do date nights a lot," says Kevin. "And we have breakfast every morning and walk around to see the sights. Like yesterday, we did a little shopping and went to Georgetown Cupcakes (in Washington). They made us about two dozen cupcakes with the Jonas Brothers logo on them."
With all this together time, have they discovered any new annoying qualities?
"You know, I've come to love his annoying qualities," she says. "Oh, whew!" he says.
Life after the Jonas Brothers? "Everyone wants to know when you're having kids. They're just never satisfied," Kevin says. "We're just enjoying each other right now. But we'd love to see our kids running around and playing with Uncle Joe and Uncle Nick."
"Uncle Joe, that would be crazy," Danielle says, laughing.
"Yeah, what a mess," Kevin agrees.
For now, they're focusing their parental instincts on Riley. "She has the whole venue to play in before a show," Kevin says. "And we just bought headphones for her so the noise won't be too much."



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