Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jonas Brothers Return Home for a Cause

Wyckoff natives stage exhibition softball game to discourage teens from texting while driving
Generally an early morning start at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium in downtown Newark means that there is Newark Bears baseball to be played. However, on Monday there was a much different game being played at the stadium.
Instead of former major leaguers Armando Benitez and Carl Everett taking the field with their Bears teammates, it was Wyckoff natives the Jonas Brothers who shined on the baseball diamond.
The group returned home for the Allstate Insurance Company's "X The TXT" campaign, which was started as an initiative to stop teenagers from using their cell phones to text message while operating a motor vehicle.
Statistics released by Allstate reveal that texting while driving produces the same effect on a driver as drinking four cans of beer. Also, drivers who text at the wheel are 23 times more likely to be involved in an automobile accident when compared to someone who does not text and drive.
To promote the campaign, the Jonas Brothers formed their own softball team called the Road Dogs, which is comprised of the singing group, friends and other members of their road crew. For the entire national exhibition tour, the Road Dogs squared off against the Marquis Jet Flyers with a limited number of free tickets being distributed to the public.
On Monday afternoon, it was very much up in the air if the Jonas Brothers were even going to take the field, as heavy rain had come over the area. Fortunately, the heaviest part of the storm slacked off just prior to batting practice, and the players were able to get in the entire game with on-and-off showers.
Despite the storms, fans both young and old packed into the stands to loudly cheer on both teams. In between innings, contests were held, and a few lucky fans came away with autographed T-shirts and baseball tickets.
To most fans, sharing an afternoon with their favorite stars was more than enough. Lyssa, a young fan from Essex County, relished the opportunity to see her favorite singing group play ball live. "Last year, I remember being very upset when I missed out on seeing the Jonas Brothers' softball game in Newark. "This year I told myself that there was no way I was going to miss out."
Lyssa's mom, Michelle, called into the Newark Bears ticket office last Monday at the very instant tickets became available. "When I called at first, the phone line was busy, and I thought to myself that we were out of luck. Much to my surprise though, I was able to get through a half-hour later and reserve our tickets."
The Road Dogs ended up dropping the game by the score of 19-10, but that didn't seem to have an effect on the crowd. Nothing could take away from the enthusiastic fans' excitement about seeing their favorite pop stars up close and in person.
Even after the final pitch was thrown, the group's day was by no means over. Following the game, all three brothers began their journey to Boston, Mass., where later this week they will play another softball game against the Jet Flyers and hold a concert.



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