Monday, August 30, 2010

Jonas Brothers rock out one last time in 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'

If you liked "Camp Rock," you're going to love "Camp Rock 2," says star and teen pop sensation Demi Lovato.
"And if you didn't like 'Camp Rock'?'" Lovato adds. "You're still going to love 'Camp Rock 2.' "
"Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam," premiering Friday at 8 on Disney, is the sequel to 2008's No. 1 cable movie, featuring Lovato and Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. In the new installment, the gang is back for another summer of fun, but when the flashier, state-of-the-art Camp Star sets up shop across the lake and starts luring away campers and instructors, the future of Camp Rock is put in jeopardy.
"There's an interesting ending, very unexpected, which I love," says Kevin Jonas. "It's not about winning or losing, it's about who you are on the journey. And it's not about one person trying to be great, it's about a group of people coming together, trying to make a difference."
As in the first movie, there is plenty of singing and dancing going down at Camp Rock. All the dance numbers were choreographed by Rosero McCoy, who has worked with Usher and 'N Sync. The songs were written by such talents as "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi.
There's one particular song, "Introducing Me," that Nick's character, Nate, sings to a new love interest to tell her about himself. The lyrics include, "I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please/ And sometimes on a homemade quesadilla/ Otherwise, it smells like feet to me."
Fans should take note, however, that the song is about Nick's character, not the JoBro himself.
"There's a line that says I like checks with lots of zeroes on them, and I'm not necessarily concerned with that," Nick says. "He also says he doesn't like cars, and I love cars. Those are the main differences. But other than that, I guess we're pretty similar."
Kevin and Nick figure more heavily in the action in "Camp Rock 2" than they did in the original. Each of the three brothers has his own story line: Shane (played by Joe) resumes his relationship with Mitchie (played by Lovato) after a year apart. Nick, as Nate, falls for a classical pianist at rival Camp Star, and Kevin, as Jason, tries to counsel Camp Rock's youngest talent.
"It's cool that each one of us has an individual journey we're going on, because that happens in our own personal lives as well," says Kevin. "But we always come back together as a band."
The biggest challenge of the shoot, according to pretty much everyone involved, was the fact that "Camp Rock 2" is a summertime movie, while the weather on-set was near freezing. At one point, as everyone ran around in shorts and T-shirts, it started to snow.



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