Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jonas Brothers give crowd their screams worth

In media reports about the decline of the concert industry in the summer of 2010, the Jonas Brothers have been turning up with "American Idol" and the Lilith Fair on that dreaded list of tours that aren't doing well.
That seemed to be of no concern to the 14,000-plus young fans who came to cheer on the young idols at the packed First Niagara Pavilion Wednesday night -- especially since many of them were able to squeeze onto the lawn at the discounted price of $10.
They got their $10 worth and then some from the Jonas boys and their favorite sidekick, Demi Lovato, who are not only tour partners but "Camp Rock" buddies.
Lovato opened with what looks more like a headlining set every time she comes. She did high-energy, high-volume versions of songs like "La La Land" and "Don't Forget," then went even more explosive on the surprisingly hard-rocking "Got Dynamite."
Then she switched from her tough black-clad look to a colorful dress and white cardigan for a set of fun, formulaic "Camp Rock 2" songs with a full singing, dancing cast, starting with "Brand New Day" and climaxing with the rousing "It's On." Every kid there made a mental note; Disney Channel, Sept. 3.
As for The JoBros, as they sing in "Year 3000," not much has changed. They were greeted by the usual chorus of hysterical screams and a defiant homemade sign that said "Jonas Fever" with the "Bieber" crossed out.
Although there's no new album for this tour, they freshened the set right off the bat when a video screen separated to reveal them playing "Feelin' Alive," a big celebratory anthem from their TV show that seemed to have been written as a show-starter.
The Jonases rocked just the right amount for their bouncing crowd of teens and teens on faves like "Hold On," "Play My Music" and the old-school "Heart and Soul" -- not the Huey Lewis song, but it could very well be one of his.
Lovato bounded back on stage to belt out loud duets with Joe on three songs -- "This Is Me," Wouldn't Change a Thing" and "This Is Our Song" -- that the kids either know or will know from "Camp."
Nasally younger brother Nick took the reins for a lightning quick hoedown on "Introducing Me" that rushed to beat a clock counting down from 2:25. Later he took a funkier turn on "Who I Am," from his solo project the Administration, and rose up with his brothers (literally) on a sped-up "Fly With Me."
A clear highlight, at least for the moms, was a shout out to the original boy band with a cover of "Drive My Car" that called for Joe to up the rock 'n' roll quotient in his voice. He passed the audition nicely.
From there they kicked into gear for a final run of Jonas classics, if you will, such as "Paranoid" (not the Black Sabbath song), "Please Be Mine," the offbeat "Lovebug" (with sing along and confetti), "S.O.S." and their hot finale, "Burnin' Up."
If it's all Justin now and the Jonases are "over," as some have stated, the news has not gotten to the greater Pittsburgh-Burgettstown area.



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