Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet Camp Rock 2's New Girl

Joining the cast of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, actress Chloe Bridges had no clue just how huge a project it was. "I had no idea what a phenomenon Camp Rock had become and it blew me away," she tells The 18-year-old plays Dana Turner, who arrives from Camp Rock's rival camp to have a star-crossed romance with Nate (Nick Jonas). Bridges talks about why her role is the "Switzerland" of all the characters and how she accidently pushed Jonas, 17, into freezing cold lake water. Who do you play in Camp Rock 2?
Chloe Bridges:
I play Dana, the daughter of the owner of the rival camp [Camp Star]. The cool thing about Dana is she is just real and raw and honest and uninhibited — she is definitely an empowered female. She ends up liking Nate (Nick Jonas) and Nate likes her and they have a little romance. She actually approaches him, flirts with him first, which is I think is awesome.
5 reasons adults should watch Camp Rock 2 Tell me about his song to Dana, "Introducing Me."
That was so much fun to shoot. I was actually nervous going in because it was our very first day of work, my very first day on the set. It was a scene toward the end of the movie, so I didn't really know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun. I didn't really have to do much, just smile a lot. It's a really cute scene and a really cute song. Does Dana butt heads with the other girls?
Actually, no, only because she doesn't really interact with any of the other girls in the movie. They would refer to Dana as Switzerland — she doesn't get involved in the Camp Rock/Camp Star battle thing. Were you excited to be a part of something so popular?
I actually didn't quite know what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what a phenomenon Camp Rock had become and it blew me away how supportive and passionate the fans are. They would wait outside where we were shooting just to see us drive into work and that blew my mind. I've never worked on a movie that has so much hype around it.
See photos from the set of Camp Rock 2 What was the audition process like?
When I auditioned for the role, I went the whole shebang where I had to act, dance, sing and play an instrument. It was quite an audition process, so I assumed my character would be singing and dancing in the movie. However, because Dana doesn't get involved in the competition and drama between the two camps, she is not in any performance number. So I didn't get to utilize my singing and dancing, but I got to incorporate my piano. Any funny moments from behind the scenes?
I kind of pushed Nick into a lake, not on purpose at all, and I felt really bad. At the end of this scene, I'm supposed to encourage him to go back into his canoe. We're filming by the lake and it's muddy. In one take, I got a little too into it and instead of putting my hand on his back and pretending to push him, I actually used force and pushed him into freezing cold water. Did he take it well?
He did because he's Nick and he's the man and takes everything well, but I would've been mad.



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